Millennial Entrepreneur Spotlight: Na’Asiaha Simon Creator Of Gem City Selfie Museum

When 31-year-old entrepreneur NaAsiaha Simon first relocated to Dayton, as a post-grad, fell in love with the city’s heart. During these last four years, she beat back a brain tumor and overcame personal wellness struggles.  She took that love and turned it into a lifestyle of service. 

The people of Dayton consistently evolve into a community-focused, creative hub that has intent on supporting and celebrating the diverse talents that have and continue to spring up from the people of the Gem City, throughout the years.  But between COVID and all of the mental, physical and emotional weight that has been troubling the region and nation, the city with so many hidden gems needed a fresh new creative space that is fun, informative, and interactive. And with the debut of the Gem City Selfie Museum, Dayton will get just that.

More than just a fun activity, the Gem City Selfie Museum is a creative hub cultivating community engagement and sparking creativity through visual art installations walls to bring focus to positive life experiences and boost confidence. Using vibrant colors, fun, and interactive props, taking the selfie experience to a whole new level!

The plan is to feature local musicians, local and national artists: Bing Davis, Bryon Smith of Smith and Son, Rich Murphy, Zuri Ali-Cole, and Taliaferro Sebastian of ArtHasNoRules.  Simon is also partnering with the Ashley Scott Community Healing to offer free therapy.

The Gem City Selfie Museum’s mission is to be a space with interactive illustrations created to help alleviate anxiety, depression, and stress. The exhibits are specifically selected to evoke positive energy and emotion from guests of all ages.

Na’Asiaha and the entire Gem City Selfie Museum collective want the people of Dayton to know that they are loved, appreciated, celebrated, and seen! What better way to commemorate that than with a selfie?

Hustle and Soul Magazine got an exclusive interview with Na’Asiaha.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Na’Asiaha Simon: I always wanted to be my own boss! Coming to terms that working for others was no longer fulfilling for me, so I decided to resign from what I thought was my dream job and launched my Public Relations Firm NaAsiaha Simon & Associates. . I knew I would be more effective working for myself, and more so than working for someone, being collaborative would have a greater impact. 

How did the Gem City Selfie Museum come about?

Na’Asiaha Simon: When I was in my season of crisis, dealing with brain surgery and a lot of emotional trauma in 2020, taking selfies helped me see myself and love that reflection of me, flawed and still. The Gem City Selfie Museum’s mission is to be a space with interactive installations created to help alleviate anxiety, depression, and stress. My goal is for guests to feel seen, heard, loved, and welcomed from the moment they enter the facility. The exhibits are specifically selected to evoke positive energy and emotion from guests of all ages.

What feedback have you received from those who have visited Gem City Selfie Museum?

Na’Asiaha Simon: The response from the community has been slightly overwhelming. Knowing the community is interested and supportive in the space, and an army rallying for the mental health initiative is a blessing. Interesting, people aren’t familiar with color therapy or phototherapy, so exposing the world to new outlets and resources to heal and still have fun is exciting!

From your experience so far, what makes the museum a vital place to visit?

Na’Asiaha Simon: The museum is a vital place to visit because of the experience, it will truly be a playground of our wildest dreams! Every exhibit will serve a different purpose. From the rainbow room, infinity room, even the banana room, the theme walls, and rooms steam from color therapy, a practice for better mental wellness. 

What do you love most about the work that you do?

Na’Asiaha Simon: I love my interaction with people!  I’m the oldest of nine children and seven are adoptive so “community” was instilled in me at a very young age. Knowing this space will contribute to the wellbeing of the community is an indescribable feeling. Healing is important. Mental health is important, and if I can get the conversation going from taking selfies, let the work and conversations begin!

How has advocating for mental health awareness made an impact on your personally?

Na’Asiaha Simon: Advocating for mental health inspires me every single day because it’s reinsurance that I’m not alone. I’m not the only person dealing with stress, depression, nor anxiety. I meet and engage with people every day who can relate to the struggle. Knowing my testimony can inspire or motivate anyone who may hear or read my story is humbling. I’m just a vessel, a testament of what the power of prayer, trust, patience, and color therapy can do. Don’t get me wrong, I still have days that are harder than others but I’m a firm believer of taking life one second at a time and realize this work is bigger than me, it’s truly about the people.

What other endeavors are you currently involved in?

Na’Asiaha Simon: I own a Public Relations Firm, so maintaining my client’s brands and projects is a great priority for myself and my team. From virtual press tours, brand and product launches, turning moments into movements is what I do!

What do you want your legacy to be?

Na’Asiaha Simon: I want to be known as a selfless leader, someone who advocated for the voiceless. An individual who added value, who served from a space of grace and love. Turning Moments into Movements is my company saving, but that’s my legacy! 

Any words of encouragement you would have for our readers?

Na’Asiaha Simon: It is okay, to not be okay. You are greater than stress, depression, and anxiety. Give yourself grace, and know all is well. If you need the support, or someone to talk to please reach out. There are people who truly care about your well-being, and no matter the circumstances, situation, battle, struggle, whatever term you want to apply you can always turn your moment into a movement!

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