Men’s Health Month Spotlight: The X Factor’s David Correy Discusses His Road To Recovery

June is Men’s Health Month and we’re excited to see more than ever men speaking up about their health including mental health. We had the opportunity to sit down with musician and public figure David Correy and discuss his road to recovery.

David Correy. A man born into a poverty-stricken family in Recife, Brazil. A man adopted as a young boy just before his 1st birthday by an American couple. A scholar musician who earned a scholarship to the prestigious Berklee School of Music. An artist who’s spent every waking day working towards the dream he believes in.

The young upstart received his first big break when he appeared on the second season of the syndicated television show The X Factor. Wowing judges and audiences with his talents, Correy was able to touch hearts and the following ripple effect was the launching pad that introduced him to the world.

David achieved yet another milestone when he was contacted by the Head of Global Music for Coca-Cola to be the voice behind the FIFA World Cup anthem campaign, “The World Is Ours.” Touring well over 36 countries, the native of Brazil took the message of struggle, unity and change across the globe.

As of 2019, the immensely talented Correy has built his very own independent empire with the self- funded label Urban Rock Records. Amassing a following of roughly 2 million people on social media, his talents have afforded him the opportunity to collaborate with musical heavyweights such as Wyclef Jean.

Aloe Blacc, Fat Joe, Bangladesh, B-Harv, Rock Mafia, DJ Paul and many more.

An amalgamation of genres is quite honestly the best description of Correy’s sound. The ability to mesh raw soul, pop, hip-hop, all with a new age and global sensibility is what separates him from his contemporaries and has captured the hearts and ears of fans worldwide.

We’re inspired by your transparency about your road to recovery. What prompted rehab at this time?

David: I knew in my heart this day would come. I didn’t know exactly when or how, but I realized years ago I had an issue. I was somewhat in denial and avoiding the inevitable. I was tired of living with the guilt and shame I had in my heart, and although I didn’t have my parents here to answer to, I realized I had other people that loved me, needed me, and where now holding me accountable. I had to do it for them but more importantly for myself to officially move on and let go of all the anger and pain I had been holding on to for so long. I am my parent’s only living legacy and I wanted to make them proud and feel free of this weight on my shoulders. I had met my now wife a few years ago and we started out as friends. As we grew together as a couple we both pushed and supported each other to accomplish a lot of big life goals but this was something I could not do with her. Although this was something I needed her support with, I knew my life and our relationship would not grow the way I envisioned my future if I continued to drink.

How was alcohol impacting your ability to work and create?

David: This is a double edge sword for me. The benefit of drinking was that I didn’t care or overthink. This made it a great release for me to sing and be creative while drinking. Also, unfortunately in the music/ entertainment industry drinking and drugs are not necessarily looked down upon, so this somewhat protected and helped to hide my addiction. However, there is no denying that alcohol poisons your body. I was tired and not as productive with my downtime as a could have been. Not to mention moody, so depending on my mood, I would or would not work. I also could have likely handled certain people and situations a lot differently with a sober mindset. Although music, like alcohol, was an escape for me, and a lot of the time I could align the two in my favor, drinking was just as much if not more of a priority for me on a daily basis than music was — which is not something I’m proud to admit.

How did covid impact your addiction?

David: I had been talking to my now wife and we had been doing long distance. When covid hit, to keep the relationship going one of us had to relocate and since she was in grad school at the time, it was me. I moved in with my wife who was at the time and living with her parents and her son. Prior to this we had been doing long distance and I had been hiding my addiction from her too. Once I moved in with them it became almost impossible to hide, and by month 6 I was in rehab. However, I ended up quitting early that time under the false pretense that I was strong enough to control my drinking. I tried to do it my way and failed by the second month. So, I guess you could say Covid helped hide my addiction from the world, but it exposed my addiction to my wife, her family, and a few other close friends.

What are your goals moving forward to help others?

David: I truly believe a miracle has happened to me. Of course, it will take time to convince others of what I feel in my heart to be true because I had been drinking for so long, but time will reveal all. I am sober and grateful and intend on remaining sober and seeing where this path leads me. I believe in my heart, if I do my best, and I do things the right way for the right reasons, that God will continue to bless me and use me and my platform to help other people. One of the things I love about music is the response I get from fans, how one of my songs helped inspire them, or how they could relate to it, or even how it helped save them. I have always told my wife outside of singing that I would love to be able to speak about my journey and that if my journey to and with sobriety could help influence and save people like my music has done, I would be honored. I love singing because I feel as if music is the universal language but I can also see myself enjoying opportunities to speak at public events. For example to those who have suffered through losses and experienced addiction. I have no intention of going back to my old ways and I would love to represent those brands or products which align with my personal beliefs.

Readers can connect with David via Instagram here: @davidcorrey

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