Meet Mike “Dedicated” Khoury, Owner of Top Tier Entertainment

Mike “Dedicated” Khoury has acquired the reputation of a passionate, committed person that is always eager to do his best and give 100%. Not surprisingly, he has earned the name of “Dedicated,” due to his inspiring and outstanding personality.

Mike is the owner of Top Tier Entertainment / 201boyz LLC. In addition to that, he is also a managing partner of Madd Hatter in Hoboken, NJ. Due to his incredible work and connection, he established himself as a bonafide nightlife influencer. He works tirelessly with his trusty team, in order to provide nothing but the very best entertainment experiences, catering to people of all walks of life. While he often works in NYC and surrounding areas, Mike is also keen to bring his services throughout the country, bringing nightlife excellence wherever he goes!

With so much talent and dedication on his side, Mike managed to truly inspire others and influence people, not only in the entertainment scene, but in various other facets of his community. In fact, Mike is a natural-born entrepreneur who is also interested in other areas. Being a recovered victim in a nearly deadly hit and run, he values every moment in life and understands that our time here is limited: we can only make the best of it!

Hustle and Soul Magazine got an exclusive interview with Mike “Dedicated” Khoury.

Please tell us about Madd Hatter in which you are a managing partner?

Mike Khoury: Madd Hatter is a high-energy premier sports bar located in the heart of Hoboken, NJ. We have massive TVs for all the games, highly regarded DJs, and an extensive food and drink menu. Beyond that, we pride ourselves on providing an unmatched entertainment experience that exceeds the expectations of our clientele. Whether it is a night out, brunch, football Sunday, or a special event, we’ve got you covered. Our team is the best of the best, and as a result, Madd Hatter has created a culture that speaks for itself. As a managing partner, I am always working to level up, create unforgettable experiences, and surpass nightlife and entertainment precedents set by others in the industry.

How about Top Tier Entertainment?

Mike Khoury: As founder and CEO, I initially launched Top Tier Entertainment as a promotion company working out of the best nightclubs that NYC has to offer. Over the years, Top Tier has evolved into a marketing company that I now utilize to promote industry events.

As a business owner, times can get stressful. How do you manage stress?

Mike Khoury: I make a point to set aside time to take care of myself. I enjoy working out, listening to audiobooks, traveling, spending time with my family, getting weekly massages, and tackling things on my own personal to-do lists. These are all practices that help me feel situated and calm to bring my personal best to each of my business endeavors.

How does your work make an impact on you personally?

Mike Khoury: As an entrepreneur, I am genuinely passionate about business and am constantly striving for greater levels of success. I love networking and seeking out opportunities that will help me learn, grow, and ultimately make myself even 1% better. Through work, I am constantly meeting new people, making new connections, and encountering new information. These experiences help me to grow and level up in all areas of my life.

Additionally, I am constantly striving to better myself by learning about different areas of the industry. For example, I recently attended the Bar and Nightclub Show in Las Vegas, where I was able to learn more about aspects of the business that are less familiar to me, such as the kitchen and the menu. I know that to dominate the game, I must continue to become well-versed in the areas that I am the least familiar with. I pride myself in making power moves that will serve my businesses well and help me better myself as both an entrepreneur and an individual.

What would you like for our readers to know about what you’re currently working on?

Mike Khoury: I am currently working on further developing my concierge services across the United States. The ultimate goal would be to expand these services nationwide to provide my clients with top-notch nightlife experiences across the country while also continuing to redefine the nightlife scene here in NJ.

Keep up-to-date with Mike by connecting on Instagram @dedicatedmike

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