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Jeff Lewis became a star blogger in less than 2 years producing original content and celebrity interviews for Radio One/Interactive One’s News,,, Global Grind, Hip Hop Weekly & Rumors. His original content and celebrity interviews found their way on popular entertainment websites like,,,,, VIBE, and more.

Jeff not only took over the blogosphere, but also the digital radio airwaves. He became the co-host for “Mics and Models” radio on with VH1’s “Real Chance At Love” winner, Doll. The two interviewed some of VH1’s hottest reality stars. He later created “GOIN-IN” Radio with Mz Berry, winner of VH1’s “For The Love Of Ray J 2.” as his co-host. One of the biggest highlights of the many guest interviews Jeff conducted was the Raz B of popular Boy band B2K allegations speaking on B2K being molested by Chris Stoke and Marques Houston.

Jeff was also a content manager for & from 2009-2011, and was a helpful force for Interactive One’s The Urban Daily. and Hello Beautiful social media campaign. He spent time helping the company gain a large following and strong online presence. In 2012, he became Social Media Manager For DuBose Entertainment/Music Group launching R&B Singer Tweet’s social media campaign. Jeff was also the man behind the successful #TweetTuesdays, releasing a new song from Tweet every Tuesday during the month of June. Tweet obtained over 82K listens and over 50K downloads on her Sound cloud alone. The releases appeared on the hottest blog sites and Tweet’s social media following doubled. Today, Jeff has become a movement all on his own, creating Celebrity News site,, and a digital social media company, D.N.A. Media (Digital Network Authority). Taking over the internet, social media, and the airwaves with his experience and new vision, he is a media force to be reckoned with! 

Hustle and Soul Magazine got an exclusive interview with Jeff.

Jeff Lewis

When you look back on your amazing media career is there anything that you would have done differently and why?

Jeff Lewis: So much happened so fast and time went by just as fast. I think one of the things I might have done differently was second guess myself. But I guess you know it’s that thing of not knowing you were who you are today. If I would have known I would have the mindset I have now then I would have spent less time stressing over certain things. 

What do you think needs to be less of or more of in the Black Media space?

Jeff Lewis: We simply need more respect and value put on our names. We keep the celebrities in the black community relevant. If you think about it other than our mainstream celebrities and that’s only the few they feel are worthy but white publications are not covering our people like that. I feel like we need to figure out how to report on our black celebrities with a balance so we are not just tearing them down. Let’s make sure we are reporting on their highs just as much as their lows. I truly believe we need a lot more of that. 

What was a great challenge during your career that you have overcome which made you the man that you are today?

Jeff Lewis: Being patient and learning to be ok when things don’t go the way I want. I think that is something most entrepreneurs or anyone that’s doing something they love or passionate about have a hard time dealing with. We have a hard time dealing with those situations at times. Once I got better with that everything began to flow a bit better. It’s hard to get your work done when you’re in your feelings about not completing a goal. But I’ve learned to just keep it moving. 

As your star continues to rise, how do you balance all the attention and carve out time for yourself?

Jeff Lewis: It’s funny because that seems to be one of the hardest challenges I deal with. You know it’s really hard to find time for yourself when you are running a business by yourself. I have to literally take a day to get some things done. After a few days of running with no breaks, your body begins to take a beating. So now I make sure I take time for my self-care and mental health.  And of course, a day of shopping putting some new fits and kicks in my closet always makes me feel good. 

What was the best media experience so far you ever had?

Jeff Lewis: I really don’t have a moment that I can say was the best. I feel like I haven’t had that moment yet. And when I think about that it lets me know how much more I have to go in my career. And that means I have so much more to accomplish.    

What was the best advice you have ever gotten?

Jeff Lewis: I have been around so many different people in this industry and everyone has gems to live by. I think the best advice I was ever given was from Cash Money Exec Cee Low The Gr8t. He passed away a few years ago so RIP and much love to his family and friends. He told me to never give up and keep my content in people’s faces no matter what. If you’re consistent eventually people will start to pay attention. I did just that and I believe that was key to getting me where I am today.  

What do you want it’s Only Entertainment legacy to be?

Jeff Lewis:  I need it’s Only Entertainment’s legacy to be able to stand the test of time. I just want to see it grow with the culture and remain relevant. I think that’s when you know you have a solid brand. 

Keep up-to-date with Jeff by connecting on Instagram @jefffromharlem

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