Life After Trauma: How Brianna Abdallahi Is Finding Healing Through Faith

Healing from the pain of toxic relationships is not easy. Just ask 27-year-old Delaware native and founder of Women of Divinity, Brianna Abdallahi. She has made it her mission to regain her power, confidence, and self-esteem that was stripped away by the manipulation that took place in her relationships (both parental and intimate). Brianna has now made it her mission to speak out and help others recognize a narcissist in a new relationship before they become too invested, as well as those healing from the trauma of being in toxic relationships.

I got the opportunity to speak to Brianna about her mission and inspiration behind Women of Divinity. She shares her healing experience and putting herself first by making it an intentional point to go to therapy.

What was the inspiration for creating Women of Divinity?

The inspiration behind Women of Divinity was my personal experience with Narcissist. My mother is a Narcissist, my child’s father is a Narcissist, and I overcame narcissism through faith.

Why are Women of Divinity important for women to participate in?

WD is important for women who are ready to overcome the trauma they have experienced. I say the word ready bc some people are not ready to let go. I mentor women to get them from bound to free, to give them hope that there is life after this.

I really just want women to know that if this has happened to them, there are things that can help with the healing process, including therapy, self-care strategies like using a journal for reflection and writing down all the ways in which the Narcissist’s actions have hurt them so that they don’t stay buried inside.

How did healing from your childhood trauma help create this mentoring space for women?

After many tears and suicidal thoughts, I knew that I had to help other women keep them from doing what I almost did on several occasions. I know as I share my story, women will be set free, and the renewing of their minds will begin to happen.

Did you seek therapy as a part of your healing?

Yes, absolutely, I go to therapy every week, and it keeps me in a place of self-evaluation. Therapy was the best thing that could have happened to me.

How has your healing contributed to the success of your present life?

Wow, that is how I can honestly put it, open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing in my life right now. Ever since I have taken the steps toward healing, I’ve been at peace; I have boundaries, confidence, and assurance.

What is next for you, and how can ppl connect?

I have a lot of different things happening besides the mentorship Program. I have a 5-day challenge to Overcome narcissistic abuse through faith. This challenge will inform them of the red flags, push them to overcome fear, and have a breakup ceremony to overcome the strongholds. They can stay updated through Instagram: @womenofdivinity and my website:

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