Let’s Talk Black Culture: With Zuri, Cremson, and JM

Hello Hustle and Soul readers, I hope 2021 has been great for you so far. It’s Black History Month and I could wait to interview some of the dopest Black people on the planet ya’ll. Zuri Wilson-Seymore, JM Mullins, and Nathaniel Cremson Seymore. Yup The Seymore’s are married and a dope, talented power couple too!

JM and Cremson are the Owners of G.I.I.B ENT. Both of their unique talents provide a diverse range of Black Excellence into the world including music and video prodcution, graphic designing, fitness and more. Zuri is the Queen of the pack full of dopeness, great vibes and creative awesomeness. Zuri multitalented skills include poetry, yoga, acting and so much more. All of these amazing entrepreneurs are about to drop some jewels. Get ready..here we go!

Tammy: JM, how has 2021 been treating you so far?

JM: 2021 has been very productive so far. Got a lot of stuff going on (in short) So, just
moving in silence. More to come.

Tammy: Cremson, I see that the music greatness continues. What else have you been up to?

Cremson: We are just putting in the work behind the scenes. We are helping our people with their taxes at a lower rate and helping others to establish their business LLC’s. We
are also still shooting and recording for WDRB on IheartRadio and our YouTube
channel. That and the upheaval of regular life have kept us busy. Lol

Tammy: That is phenomenal news and very vital services to offer especially to the
communities of melanin. Congrats!

How did the Iheart Radio show come about?

Cremson: Well, the whole thing came about because one of my peers referred me to the radio station. I went in thinking that I was just going to promote my song “Black Magic” and the corresponding album “Tulsa,” and came out with a show. To this day, I still don’t know who referred me.

Tammy: Queen Zuri, the beauty and bell of the land. I love your humbleness and
amazing creativity. What can we be on the lookout for from you this year?

Zuri: I reflect your beauty, Queen Tammy. Thank you kindly for the compliments. My editor and I are reviewing the final manuscript, of my poetry book “Swimming Lessons” to submit for publication. There is an upcoming virtual poetry feature in April stay tuned to my social media for updates (IG:zuriwilsonseymore). The summer of 2021 will be a relaunch of Zuri’s Parallel Worlds Poetry Productions and Zuriality De-Stressing Yoga.

Tammy: Zuri, I also would like to know your thoughts on this being our first Black
History Month with a Black Woman Vice President?

Zuri: Truthfully, I do not get into politics, however, it is great to see a melanin woman
of Jamaican and Indian culture in office.

Tammy: JM, who are some Black figures in history that inspire you and why?
JM: Way too many unsung heroes who helped pushed the culture forward to name just a few. We still fighting until this very day.

Tammy: Cremson, same question for you as well, what historical figures throughout history inspire you or made an impact on you personally and professionally?

Cremson: I have too many heroes to mention here, and some unsung heroes whose
names will never be remembered.

So, my inspiration comes from all of our people who stood up against the injustices in this country or any other! Every one of them helped push the culture forward in some respect so that I can sit here and speak our history truth openly and unafraid.

Tammy: From your perspective, in what ways have Black Culture made an impact on

Zuri: Black Culture cultivated society: The invention of the gas mask and the three-
position traffic signal by African American Garrett Augustus Morgan (November 20,
1923). Daniel Hale Williams founded the first black-owned hospital in America, and he
performed the world’s first successful heart surgery, in 1863.

African American Mary Kenner and her sister invented the toilet paper holder. They patented in 1982. Patricia Era Bath was an American ophthalmologist, inventor, humanitarian, and academic. She was the inventor of laser cataract surgery. The list goes on.

Indigenous people have invented things every day of the entire year which does not surprise me. My mother, Betty Wilson gifted me with an African American calendar that reveals this success. “Black History Month” does not give justice for all that our ancestors have accomplished. Truthfully, a daily celebration is warranted.

Cremson: Black culture has influenced all people from every walk of life. People
can play blind and dumb if they want to but the fact of the matter remains that without
“Black” culture, none of what we enjoy presently would be possible. Our ancestors
invented everything you can think of.

The opposition just lied to make themself look good in the past, and now they openly admit to being thieves, liars, murders, and more. However, their admittance isn’t one of regret but more like stating, “Yeah, we did that. And what are you going to do about it?” From music, to dance, to sports; if you take Black out of the equation, you remove everything that made it exciting in the first place.

JM: To revert from using the word “black” I’m going to say “OUR CULTURE”
(because we’re not “black”) but, its very existence, as well as history, really didn’t hit me
until recent years in regards to how brainwashed the white man tried to uneducate us
and bury the truth about our ancestors.

So, for the one’s who pushed forward with our very existence in regards to fighting for us to BE CITIZENS of “America” and fight for equality. All I gotta say is. Proof is in the pudding. If it’s associated with “black” nine times outta ten, it’s negative. BUT, the real truth is that’s apart of the narrative that was created. BUT, everything our people touch. We make better. That’s just the natural fiber of OUR CULTURE.

Tammy: Describe yourselves in 3 words?

Zuri: Love, Innovative, and Self-Disciplined.

Cremson: Loyal, Honest, and Open

JM: Funny, Trustworthy, and Caring.

Tammy: What does Black Excellence mean to you?

Zuri: Living in one’s truth by honoring one’s purpose in life.

Cremson: Everything! We have always had to be better than everyone else just to
be considered somewhat fairly in Western society. We should always strive for
excellence because we have to. But this time we should do it for ourselves.

JM: As I stated earlier, I’m going to start leaning from using the word “black” when it refers to our people, but excellence to me is anybody who learns how to work the
system harder than it’s working them and pushing through all odds.

Tammy: What else can we be on the lookout for from the GIIB ENT Family?

Zuri: The release of “Swimming Lessons”, safe social distancing poetry events
(face-to-face and virtual), virtual yoga classes, music, and Martial Yoga Flow and
Fitness sessions with my hubby.

Cremson: Wow. There is so much on the horizon for our team with music, fitness,
speaking engagements, and product promotions that I hardly know where to begin. So
I’ll just ask our audience to stay glued to what we do (IG: @cremsongiib). And look for
my album “Tulsa” to drop sometime in 2021.

JM: Continued HOTNESS!

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