Kevin Hart has a lot to lose in the first trailer for Netflix’s True Story.

For the new limited series from former Narcosboss Eric Newman, the comedy rockstar makes a dramatic turn, blending reality with fiction, starring as Kid, a world famous comedian who returns home to Philadelphia for a tour stop and experiences a lost evening with his older brother Carlton (Wesley Snipes) that could cost him everything.

In the Netflix limited series “True Story,” Kevin Hart mixes reality with fantasy as we follow the biggest comic in the world (played by Hart) trying to cover up a murder with the help of his brother (Wesley Snipes). We probably don’t have to tell you, but the latter part of that sentence is all fantasy. But there are definitely elements of Hart’s real-life that he put into his character, Kid, on the show.

One instance is in the first episode of the show when Kid and his team board a plane for Philadelphia, the comic’s hometown and next stop on his comedy tour. Settling into first class before the plane takes off, Kid is met by a white passenger who recognizes him. The passenger then begins to quote his stand-up routine, even at one point using the “N” word with reckless abandon. It gets so uncomfortable that Kid’s security guard confronts the man, but Kid tells him to stand down. Hart told Insider that the scene was not an embellishment for dramatic effect, he has certainly encountered that level of racism in his travels since being a superstar. “No question about it,” Hard confirmed. “People get so comfortable with where they feel they can be with you because of what you do. And sometimes that line is just ignored.”

“There is no boundary, and you have to find yourself being patient and chill so you don’t come off like an asshole,” Hart continued. “You have to be real cool how to handle things and handle people because things can switch on you. So you find yourself always taking the higher road. “It’s making people aware they are wrong, but doing it in the most professional way. And that’s what this scene was. It was a scene that showed Kid having control, but that’s Kevin in a small way, too. I can’t do certain things, I can’t say certain things, but this character that I created was based off of just the onslaught of shit that you deal with wearing these shoes.”

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