Kenyan Photographer Davis Hidinks Ochieng Shares his Love for Kenya and the Desire to Inspire Foundation

Kenyan Photographer Davis Hidinks Ochieng Shares his Love for Kenya and the Desire to Inspire Foundation

By Jules Lavallee

Davis Hidinks Ochieng displays the spectacular beauty of Africa in his 2021 Africa Inspired Calendar found in Be Line Products. Davis is Director of Operations for the Desire to Inspire Foundation. Dawn Witte started the foundation to empower people and share with the world the talent of the African people. 

You share the beauty of Africa in your new 2021 Africa Inspired Calendar which can be found at Be Line Products. Why is this calendar unique?

Yes, this calendar contains beautiful African photos that were taken by me, the calendars are found Be line products.The calendar is unique because the pictures are from Kenya. Kenya has beautiful sceneries that are major tourist attractions, all these are found on the calendar. The calendar also has inspiring quotes from the best author and speaker Dawn Witte founder of the Desire to Inspire Foundation. What makes it more unique is that when you purchase this calendar, $7 will go to the Desire to Inspire Foundation which is helping children around the world live their best lives.

What is your hope for the calendar?

What I really want to achieve with calendars is that it reaches many people in the world because it’s inspiring and it will create positive vibes of my photography. I really hope that by next year, I will be able to reach many people and that’s something that will make everyone happy because also the community will benefit.

You are the photographer for the Desire to Inspire Foundation. How has the foundation changed your life?

I started working with the Desire to Inspire Foundation in 2017 and since then we’ve been able to connect with people globally and do a lot of work to help the people in the villages. Some of the great projects include, providing basic food and medical needs, performing health screenings, educational classes, building a sick bay, personally delivering 2500 “Little Books of Be… written by Dawn Witte to the children in Ghana, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Kenya, and the US and so much more! 

The Desire to Inspire Foundation has helped me a lot. I was only doing photography in our small village but now my photography can be seen all over the world. I really love the desire to inspire family. Also through the Desire to Inspire Foundation I’ve visited different communities in Kenya and Uganda and that has really grown my heart of giving and given me positive energy of working hard to make life a better place. It has also given me the opportunity to meet many different people globally and to learn from them.

As an African with roots in Kenya. What are you most proud of?

I am African from Kenya and so proud of my country and its people and because I am a true Kenyan citizen, I must work hard to build Kenya through my talents and giving back to society so that we all grow and live a happy life.

What would you like the world to know about Kenya?

I really would like the whole world to know that Kenya is a beautiful country and is very peaceful. Kenya is a country of different cultures that are so lovely, and we have the best tourist attractions in the world. We have the big five animals in Kenya, and beautiful sceneries. All that you’ve always been yearning can be found in Kenya, and in my African inspiring calendar. The Kenyan people are the most humble, loving, and peaceful. In 2021, with the help of the Desire to Inspire Foundation, I will be launching a coffee table book filled with the beauty of Africa. Stay tuned…

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