Faithful is the faith-centric app for Christian inspiration; with sermons, classes, exclusive daily devotionals and prayers from the world’s most renowned Christian leaders.Download Today

Hear from Steven Furtick, Sadie Roberston, Rich Wilkerson, Brad Cooper, Chris Hodges, Judah Smith, and many more inspired leaders, whenever and whereveryou want.

When you hop on Faithful, you’ll be asked how much time you have and–whether it’s a few minutes or an hour–there’s a prayer, a sermon, or a lesson, on your chosen subject, ready to uplift you. It’s all easy to find, and free of ads.

Every day there’s a way for you to enhance your connection to God and Faithful is here to serve.

Right now, try Faithful for free. Download Faithful from your app store and you can start listening in minutes. Keep the faith with Faithful.Install Now

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