Juneteenth is a Dope Holiday to Celebrate!

It was shocking to find out that so many people aren’t and weren’t aware of Juneteenth. There were so many people who told me that they learned about it after public school. Literally shocking! I was taught this at home and in school since a little girl. So the fact that people are just now finding out about this is so ironic. I say this because Texas was the last state to find out about the end of slavery on June 19, 1865. Maybe I should say it like this, there have been many Black Americans who are just now finding out about the celebration of Juneteenth. Ironic! Don’t you think?

So now that people are becoming aware of this dope holiday, here are some ways that you can celebrate this week and on Juneteenth itself. 

1. Barbeque!

I’m from Texas so we barbeque for any and everything. I’m sure there are vegetarian and vegan options for barbeque, and I definitely know there are pescatarian options. So you will never hear me say to not indulge in a barbeque. So grab your friends and family and celebrate. Sit with the elders and embrace the conversations about events that took place in the past. Ask them about the recipes that have been passed down for years and years. Ask about the meaning of the surname. 

2. Beach Day!

Being by the water is my favorite thing. It’s so peaceful and calming. I receive so much revelation. And it’s fun! If you can get to the beach (or lake or pond or river) please do so. One it is healthy to be in the sun (if you’re in Texas like me be aware of the heat and plan accordingly but do know that you need the sun). Two, enjoy a space that you can be in (whether someone likes it or not) that you otherwise couldn’t have gone to in the 1800s and then was completely segregated in the 1900s. When you go to the beach go with that perspective. 

3. Enjoy a museum 

Take a trip to the African American Museum or the Buffalo Soldiers Museum or both. Learn the history of great African Americans that helped shaped this country and shifted our lives. 

Fun fact, my grandmother’s cousin was inducted into the Buffalo Soldiers Museum here in Houston when I was about 7 years old. I was utterly excited to be a part of the induction. I literally remembered it like yesterday. So to be able to experience that was breathtaking. And I know people be like, kids don’t talk like this, but I can assure you my brothers, myself, my cousins are very intuitive so we love experiences as such and we will use words like breathtaking, even at a young age. That was my disclaimer. But if it changed my life, imagine what it can do to you in honor of Juneteenth. 

4. The Terrell Show * Juneteenth Marathon*

I love me some Terrell Grice. I am going to tune into his episodes on YouTube as often as I can. And grant it, I am telling you about the marathon 3 days since the inception of the marathon but I have faith that after reading this, you will play catch up. But Terrell is doing a Juneteenth marathon on his YouTube channel with the following guests: Jason Nelson/Jonathan Nelson, Nakitta Foxx, India Carney, Kenyon Dixon, Ambre, Bri Babineaux, and Doe Jones. Celebrate this week with some dope artists that will sang to your soul! 

Whatever you decide to do this week, do it with all of your heart, do it with the understanding of the freedom behind. Educate yourself. Enjoy yourself. Live freely! 

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