Jazmin Meredith Talks Skin Vegan and How You Can Achieve Healthy Glowy Skin This Year

Everyone wants glowy skin, right? Or maybe it’s just me. And I found out that the Collagen production in one’s skin begins to decline at age 25. Your girl just turned 26 on Saturday, therefore I want to ensure I do everything in my power to keep my skin healthy, glowy, and plump. Of course, what you eat plays a major role in skincare and health overall but the products are just as important. Choosing the right skincare can be a hassle. There are so many products to choose from. There are so many ingredients to consider. It can be a little overwhelming, but don’t worry, I spoke with Entrepreneur, Designer, and Actress Jazmin Meredith to get her take on effective skincare that truly will enhance the health of your skin. 

The great thing about Jazmin is, she understands skin. With a longtime love for health, fashion, beauty, and cosmetics, she embarked on a career with MAC Cosmetics as a makeup artist and sales consultant. From there she expanded her knowledge and understanding of the beauty of skin and just how vastly different it is among us all. Yes, one size does not fit all! And with her expertise as a certified aesthetician, she promotes a healthy epidermis through her company Skin Vegan MedSpa along with the products she curated. 

Check out the interview below. 

I believe effective skincare is just as important as what we put inside of our body but that’s not always the case, especially here in America. With so many options to choose from, what qualifies your skincare brand to be effective in meeting the needs of those who purchase?

Jazmin We live in an age where hundreds of thousands of products are created, advertised, and thrown on shelves in stores that everyone frequently shops. Most products have been well advertised, come in a beautiful bottle, and with no real knowledge of how the product works for your skin type or skincare concern, it is purchased and used instantly. At Skin Vegan we not only learn our clients’ current skincare routine we educate our clients about their skin, how their current products may or may not be useful and how we can help them reach the results they truly want. That’s what qualifies us as a med spa and a skincare brand.

I went to an esthetician last year and she told me that there is a difference between going to a spa and a med spa, and you own a Vegan Med Spa, so what is the difference? And which one would you suggest people experience, if it makes a difference?

Jazmin Spas and med spas differ in the sense that spas typically focus on massage and facials. Med spas typically focus on botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels, lasers, and machines. They provide more extensive treatments than a spa. As a vegan med spa we provide even more than that. We introduce our clients to a vegan approach to caring for themselves and their skin. A natural approach to detoxing the body and in turn clearing and rejuvenating the skin. 

Many brands use the term “vegan” but how would clients truly know if a product is vegan and what are the benefits? 

Jazmin Although, “vegan” is a trendy and now commonly used buzzword you will truly know if a product is vegan simply by looking at the ingredients, most vegan products have little to no fixatives and have a shorter shelf life than products made with chemicals.

For those who are starting off in their healthy skincare journey, what advice would you give them to ensure that they see the glow that everyone is so desperately searching for? Product suggestions? Service suggestions? And maybe it’s just me asking this question for myself because I’m always looking for different things.

Jazmin I love this question. Skincare is a journey; you have to take your time learning your body as well as your skin. My advice is to first pay attention to what products you’re currently using, ask yourself what they are supposed to do and are they helping change your skin. If the answer is no, then one by one take out a product and replace it with a better product but this time try to research the product and use it for 30 days before you add a new product. When it comes to your diet, ask yourself if you eat or drink dairy, what is your water intake, do you drink soda, are you eating fried food or fast food; all of these things play a part in how your skin looks. My suggestion to get an instant glow is our vegan facial, we use all plant-based vegan products most of them are made in-house. We infuse your skin with our flower child facial steam, cleanse your skin with sea salt ph water with our elderberry squalene cleanser, exfoliate your skin with our ylang-ylang and rosehip scrub, and mask your skin with our cacao turmeric masque. You will have the ultimate glow after getting one of our treatments.

Is there anything new that your clients and the readers can expect in this new year from you and the brand?

Jazmin Yes! We will be launching our SkinV Box, this is our way to introduce our clients to new products that we love and that will change their lives.

I am so excited to come across Jazmin and her brand. I will definitely be giving it a try this year and I highly recommend you do to or at least incorporate the tips she shared. Be sure to check out the products and the vegan med spa here: https://skinveganmedspa.com/about/

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