Jacquelyn Desha Cain: Uplifting and Empowering Women To Be Free

No matter what your age, it is important to be free. We all deserve to live our lives in a way that makes us happy without someone telling us how to do so. This is a mindset shift Jacquelyn Desha Cain, founder of ADJ Empowerment Enterprise, wants every woman to embrace. As a mother and entrepreneur, she knows what it’s like to juggle many roles – all while striving to be authentic.

A firm believer in the power of positivity, Jacquelyn empowers to have it all, live their lives on their own terms, and to be who they want to be! She is here to push women forward and let them know their past does not define their future. In this interview, she shares how she uses her experience to do so.

Let’s talk about ADJ Empowerment Enterprises. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur and what have you learned about being in business?

ADJ was birthed after I had the vision and the guidance from Dr. Kishma George at the time, she was my marketing coach. ADJ are the initials of my grandchildren.  I aspire to create generational wealth for them. To create a legacy through ADJ that they can be proud of and prayerfully keep it going to continue the work for their generation. I had been an entrepreneur for 15 years but this type of business because it’s mostly promoting myself as a motivational speaker has taught me patience and it pushes me beyond my regular limits. It builds me more and more because it takes me to a place inside me that’s uncomfortable because it’s new and different. I wouldn’t change a thing! My dream is to help the multitudes.

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How do you have these conversations with individuals that understand that peace is within their means after trauma?

The conversations flow because I start everything with prayer, transparency, and by simply being me. I totally accept and understand that every assignment is not attached to my name and it’s all good. If I can’t help a person, I have no problem helping them connect to who can. I listen at first and let them just talk. People need to know that you genuinely care and that their process is just that theirs, so I am only here to help you as far as you are willing to go. I love them right where they are and that doesn’t change.

How important is authentic self-love to create a life truly meant for living and how does ADJ Empowerment Enterprise provide resources to help people remove self-doubt?

Real love recognizes real love. If we truly desire to live a life of freedom, we have to deal with the root of the tree that made some of the branches go bad. Self-love is being the authentic you. Rejection of self can no longer be an option. Love has to cover all the ugliness. ADJ has different options to uplift and empower you to walk in self-love by one-on-one spiritual coaching, mentorship groups, and motivational speaking engagements.

Mizell Williams Jr Photography
Photo by: Mizell Williams Jr Photography

You have spoken at lots of engagements. What was your favorite talk to deliver and why?

ADJ did a virtual conference in September 2020 called Seven Branches of Self Love. I spoke the first night. My topic was self-confidence. I was so nervous because I had not done anything on that level although it was virtual people were tuned in to the sum of about 1000 people. I told the story about when I was bullied in high school because my body wasn’t as developed as much as the other girls. That was so freeing for me. I spoke about how I have to still look myself in the mirror and speak life over myself. All those years of settling for toxic relationships because I didn’t look like the ladies in the videos or the girls at my school. Now, I am proud of myself. I spoke about how I have no problem wearing what I like. I have no problem going to a movie or dinner alone. I realized that my self-confidence along with my peace is priceless.

What is next for you?

Whatever God says is next! LOL…I would love to travel around the world to speak on my journey and inspire as many women as I possibly can. I am currently rebuilding myself yet again to launch a line of inspirational calenders, ebooks, and journal’s for women to have something relatable to help them in their journey. I am taking it one day at a time making it a priority to celebrate every little step of my journey. I am grateful. I am humbled by the grace that God has placed on my life and I don’t take it for granted.

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