J Marie Premium Sneakers Are The Epitome of Luxury and Comfortability

It’s the new year! And if you’re anything like me, then shopping is number one on your list. Why not start off the new year fresh? And with so many trends happening this year from Mod 60s to the rebirth of 90s style (yes, you can pull out your F.R.I.E.N.D.S. attire), one thing to consider is what you will be putting on your feet. Your feet take you everywhere! Therefore you want to be comfortable yet stylish. However, in the women’s fashion industry, coming across shoes that are specifically made with you and your body frame in mind might not be ideal. And to ensure that you get shoes with great quality, that are versatile, and fit your everyday life is stretched quite thin. But if you’re shopping with J Marie Premium Sneakers, you just might be in luck. 

J Marie Premium Sneakers, a Premium sneaker brand as an alternative to heels was founded in April of 2019. And just like many, Janyelle Marie, founder of the brand, couldn’t find any comfortable alternatives to heels, so she created her own. Amazing right! This Black Woman sneaker designer is ensuring her products speak to the needs of individuals that present them with the option of experiencing luxury and comfortability at the same time! Amazing, right? I had the privilege of speaking with her more about the brand and what’s to come. 

Check out the interview below. 

Ashley Shaunte J Marie Premium Sneakers sounds so high fashion. Can you share why you chose that name if there’s any significance to it?

J Marie Thank You. Absolutely,  so my name is Janyelle Marie Milton…..so I took my first initial and middle name and the Premium Sneaker part comes from the fact that the Sneakers have Premium finishes like 100% Italian leather in Premium finishes like faux zebra, crocodile, and Python in vibrant colors. 

Ashley Shaunte Did you always want to be in the fashion industry or did it just happen for you?

J Marie Not always, but in my early twenties, I played with the idea of a clothing line,  two actually J for President which was supposed to be a high-end suit line. You dress a dress line based on body type, and a heel line ironically.

Ashley Shaunte I heard about the national shoe drive that you have, what all does that entail?

J Marie I teamed up with an organization called Angel Bins,  which is a nonprofit organization that collects, sort, clean, and distribute gently used shoes to underserved communities in South America and Africa. Since J Marie Premium Sneakers are a slow, sustainable fashion brand it only made sense to collaborate,  and it’s year-round, ongoing.

Ashley Shaunte That’s awesome to see! Are there any ways that people can get involved with this movement to ensure that the mission behind J Marie Premium Sneakers continues?

J Marie YES! In particular…if you have a brick-and-mortar location and would like to participate by acting as a drop-off location,  get in touch. It can be a great way to give back while gaining foot traffic. If you have shoes to giveaway get in touch!

Ashley Shaunte What’s new with your brand and how can people stay in touch?

J Marie J Marie Premium Sneakers have New episodes of “Walking in my Shoes” coming up. More designs dropping and great content, check out ALL things J Marie Premium Sneakers at www.jmariepremiumsneakers.com 

Be sure to stay connected and support the brand. Collaboration is the key for this year and I give you permission to shop and purchase the shoes that are right for you. Don’t quote me on that to your accountant!

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