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It’s National Best Friend Day…Well, Almost!

It’s National Best Friend Day…Well, Almost!

Ashley Gipson

Can you believe it? We are officially in the 6th month of the year! And there’s so much to celebrate this month of June. I know you’re probably thinking that there’s only Father’s Day but next week is a national holiday too, or so they say. June 8th is National Best Friend’s Day! Friendship is such a powerful tool to combat the craziness of the world. You have someone on your side to fight with you and fight for you. So beautiful. And here are some dope ways to elevate and celebrate your friendship for it to continue to thrive. And get this, it doesn’t take immense effort. Friendships honestly flourish with the simplest gestures. 

Check In with Each Other!

Many people believe you have to be in each other’s face to do this but as the pandemic has taught us, virtual is an effective way of communicating. Don’t get me wrong, in person connection is still needed. But please don’t let the slight distance for in person fun stop you from connecting with your friend. There’s Facetime, Google Duo, Zoom, Messenger Rooms, and much more. A simple phone call and/or text (text is great but please pick up the phone, sometimes) can change a friend’s life – or save it (you never know). Friendships can grow apart due to the lack of communicating and confiding in each other. You don’t have to talk every day but you do need to talk to continue a close walking friendship. So call that friend! Ask them how they are doing. Truly get to know how they are feeling. 

What Do They Like To Do?

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Have you considered celebrating them by doing something they like to do? Maybe they’re a movie buff. Have a movie night (virtual or in person) and watch their favorite movies with them. Or whatever they like to do. But show that you value their interests and is willing to join in some of the activities. And vice versa. This keeps the friendship from being one sided. And you aint got time for one sided friendships in 2021. And you don’t want to be that person who always want the friend to do what you love. 

There are so many other gestures that you can incorporate for a prosperous friendship but starting with these two can definitely show that you cherish and honor the friendship. Relationships no matter the status requires an investment. Checking in and doing what they like to do increases the equity in your relationship. You’re intentionally investing or building (whatever word you prefer) for a greater friendship. It’s only up from here, right?

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