It’s All About You This Month in Honor of Mental Health Awareness Month

We are officially in May! It’s the fifth month of the Gregorian Calendar. The number 5 represents grace and favor, so let me go ahead and speak over your life for a second. May shall be a month of the miraculous. May you experience favor like never before. Opportunities that shift the trajectory of your life for the better shall be your portion. Greatness looks great on you. 

Save that declaration. Speak over yourself in the mirror. It is good for the soul, the spirit, and the body. I wanted to start the article off with declarations because not only are we celebrating Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Week (which is this week), and Memorial Day, but May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Many times we are overwhelmed and our mental health suffers, tremendously. And because our bodies are connected to our mind, we see the residue of mental trauma, mental fatigue, and more within our physical health. 

Being a mental health advocate, you will never catch me tell you to not take the day off, book the trip, go to the spa, have a girl’s or guy’s night out. I have learned that people can love what you do but never value you as a person to understand that if you aren’t mentally refreshed you won’t be able to contribute on the level they love. Their devalue of you should not be an indication of your value on yourself. As a mental health advocate and a person who has a psychology background, I too struggle at times in putting myself first. But my nutritionist, Brittany Nicole made it clear that this month needs to be a month where I take care of myself and I give you permission today to do the same. 

There are some simple things you can begin implementing in your life to ensure you have a healthy mental state. Those things are as follows: 

  1. Prioritize Sleep 

Set your room for sleep. Diffuse the essential oils, turn on ASMR (I love), or sounds that help to relax you, like rain for me. Put your phone on DND. If your assignments weren’t complete at a certain time, it is okay to try again tomorrow. 

Studies have shown, being sleep deprived can increase your anxiety levels. So I urge to get sleep! 

  1. Exercise 

Exercising can help reduce stress, enhance your mood, boost your energy, and contribute to healthy sleep. You see how they work together? Amazing! Exercising doesn’t have to be boring, it doesn’t have to be long. Just get moving! Go for a walk. Grab a friend. Dance. Do whatever it takes but get moving. 

  1. Set Boundaries 

Look, everybody doesn’t need to be in your space.  And some people can be in your space at a distance. The people on the balcony still see the same show as the people on the front row. It’s just different access. And that’s fine and absolutely important. Understand people have different capacities and those capacities give authorization for certain topics. If you don’t have the capacity for a certain aspect of me then you do not get authorization to speak on certain topics, therefore you don’t need to know the details. That’s how I view boundaries! Boundaries can save lives. You glow better when you have boundaries. 

So this month I encourage you to focus on yourself and your mental health! It’s important.

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