Interview With Trending Teen From Netflix ‘Is it Cake?’, Justin Ellen

If you love watching baking competitions I’m sure you’ve seen the new show on Netflix, ‘Is It Cake?’ One of the most memorable contestants is 19-year-old Justin Ellen. He is such a talent and at such a young age. We had the opportunity to interview Justin and learn more about his backstory as well as what he has planned for the near future.

It is amazing how talented you are at such a young age. Tell us a little about yourself and your younger years.

Justin: I was born and raised in Passaic, NJ and I still live here. I’m currently 19 years old and have 2 sisters (I’m the middle child). I had a great childhood. All of my family are really close so we would constantly hang out with my grandparents and cousins. Every year we use to go on my grandparent’s boat to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday and it was SO MUCH FUN! We even use to camp on the beach overnight, have fireworks, campfires and so much more. Ever since I was a child I also loved to bake. Me and my sister would always go up for the holidays to my grandma’s house and help her bake everything. She baked A TON. Everything from breads to pies, cookies, ice cream and so much more all from scratch. This ignited my love for baking.

Who would you consider your target audience?

Justin: My target audience is different for each element in my business. For custom cakes it’s young-middle-aged people who love to celebrate and are always looking for something over the top.

My target audience for my classes are aspiring bakers looking to grow in their cake decorating skills or wanting to know how to start/run a successful business.

Finally, my target audience for my products such as our premium cake mix is anyone who enjoys the process of baking but still wants something quick and easy without all the processed/artificial flavoring. Our mix is exactly the same recipe used at our bakery so everyone can have the same cake used at the EJB bakery

What was the inspiration behind your brand?

Justin: The inspiration behind my brand was my love for baking. This all started when I was little and use to bake with my mom and grandma. I even use to have all those kid-friendly makers to prevent me from using the oven. Quickly however I outgrew this and kept practicing. By high school I started posting for fun and eventually, people started inquiring. This quickly escalated and here we are today.

How do you feel your brand is different from the competition in your industry?

Justin: What differentiates my brand from competitors is we refuse to resort to artificial, processed, pre-made ingredients. Everything used in our products are of high quality, and all-natural, and it shows. We also love to create an experience with our cakes. So not only do they taste great (super important) but they look even better with details all the way down to a custom cake stand.

You have accomplished so much already but we want to know what you have planned for the next six months?

Justin: For the next 6 months, I plan to open up my first brick-and-mortar location! Here we will offer more in-person classes, even more cakes/treats, and be a space that bakers can rent to work out of. I also plan to have my cake mix in even more stores and grow to become a common household product.

It was incredible and inspiring talking to Justin, be sure to stay connected with him via his social media @everythingjustbaked

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