Interview With Tracey Bryant Swint, Founder of Womanifest Your Vision Women’s Empowerment Conference

Tracey Bryant Swint, also known as “Tracey the Sacred CEO” and “The Womb Minister ” brings love, flavor, and inspiration to all that she touches. She is the founder and CEO of Womanifest Your Vision Women’s Empowerment Conference and the founder and CEO of Love My Womb Academy, The Sweet Yoni Tea Company, and Seasoned and Savvy Over 40 Community. Tracey has been Awarded the “Best Spa in Atlanta” by the Black Spa Awards 2021. She is a “Spa Hall of Fame Inductee.” Tracey has taught and mentored over 2800 Love My Womb Academy graduates all across the globe.

It is Tracey’s life mission to inspire women to reach their highest levels and activate their Goddess gene for greater love, good health, overall happiness, business success, healthy relationships, and increased prosperity. She is known for aligning women with their purpose for their next-level transformation experience. She is doing that with Womanifest Your Vision Empowerment Conference. 

Hustle and Soul Magazine obtained an exclusive interview with Tracey.

What went into choosing the lineup for WOMANifest?

Tracey: I really desired to choose speakers that are dominating in their field and that can share their personalized expertise and life and business experience to a Sista or Sistas who may be experiencing doubt, or a Sistas who may be having successes and experiencing wins. I chose based on each speaker’s ability to be relatable, and how they have overcome adversities. I feel like this will give the Womanifest platform a well-rounded presence and an edge over all other events that may be similar.

What can audiences expect?

Tracey: A highly impactful, powerful, and intense life-changing experience. We are not only coming to empower and inspire. We will share strategies and tools for enrichment. We are educating, and encouraging change through knowledge and implementation. We have 14 of the baddest seven-figure successful educators, media moguls, billion-dollar brand curators, health professionals, wealth and legacy strategists, manifest and purpose coaches, confidence builders, millionaire marketing experts, and more. We will break bread together. We will laugh, cry, and be filled with purpose for greatness. We have some awesome vendors who will share their products, and services at the Womanifest Marketplace. It’s one full day of high vibes, entrepreneurship, and Sistahood.

What are you most excited about?

Tracey: I’m excited about what an impact Womanifest will have on the women who attend and how they will be able to use all of the information and impartation given to take them to the next level. I’m excited about the impact it will have on us as the speakers. and me as the visionary. AlI can say is “WOW! WOW! WOW!” Women are still talking about the last one we had. I know the importance of having and sticking with a God-given vision. It changes lives, and it ultimately changes humanity.

Why do you think is vital for women to learn about and attend the conference?

Tracey: This is not just an event. Womanifest is a movement! When God gives you the vision to go out and BE or to do it’s not a conference call. It’s a memo. Your vision is between you and the MOST HIGH. People will try to talk you out of your vision. It’s unfortunate but it’s usually the people that are closest to you because that’s who we feel comfortable sharing our secrets, and your desires with. That’s why I have created Womanifest Your Vision Empowerment Conference. All of our phenomenal speakers have a story to share about how they have triumphed, and experienced adversity while still remaining vigilant with their vision and steadfast in their purpose. It is the power and execution of vision that changes things. Aligning and executing vision has and will change the world, and as women we are the first teachers so we have a duty and responsibility to create change for the future of our lives, the lives of our children, our families, and the people we love, and humanity as a whole. Yes! I AM a great big visionary, and I love that I have the opportunity to share this with you.

What do you hope is the takeaway of WOMANifest?

Tracey: Proximity is power! For those of us who are visionaries, creatives, influencers, and entrepreneurs we understand the need for support. The Women of Womanifest are here to support your vision and encourage you to take that leap, or make your next move. You are here for a divine purpose and we would love to encourage, inspire, educate, and impart our decades of success beyond survival with those women who are called. The takeaway for us is pure love and dedication for women and our growth and our expansion in life, love, and business. Womanifest is not just for the entrepreneur. It’s for the woman who desires to expand, express, and experience a happier, healthy lifestyle. Make sure you get your 2-for-1 ticket!, and tell a friend. Bring a friend! We are “Leaving no Boss Bestie Behind!”

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