Interview With the Co-Authors of “Just Dance With Me” Leon and Carita Montgomery

Happy Black History Month! At Hustle and Soul Magazine, we pride ourselves on spotlighting Black Authors and entrepreneurs that are walking in their divine purpose while dedicating their lives to helping others. Today we are highlighting the Co-Authors of “Just Dance With Me”, Leon and Carita Montgomery.

Leon Montgomery and Carita Montgomery are the epitome of “Til Death Do Us Part”. They took their marriage vows very seriously and fought for their marriage. The couple is now committed to helping as many couples as possible experience healthy marriage.

These high school sweethearts are both graduates of HBCUs (Morris Brown and FAMU) and love their southern heritage. They understand that the power of prayer kept and keeps their marriage strong. The couple believes in the institution of marriage and learned the art of dancing through situations and challenges that come their way.

In addition to being an author, Carita is also the Founder of Resetability Inc. 

Hi Carita, we are excited to interview you and Leon today. Let’s first chat about your consulting and coaching business. What can you tell us about it?

Carita: I founded Resetability Inc because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of small businesses and individuals. Resetability is the act of taking one’s mindset back to factory settings. Back to where you were fearless, and confident and you would not accept no for an answer. After 21 years as an award-winning Director of Sales and Marketing for brands like Marriott, Hilton, and Doubletree Hotels I wanted to pour my expertise back into the community. We offer sales consulting and coaching on the 5 step sales call process. We are building confident, successful, high-producing salespeople all across the globe. I am extremely passionate about sales training and coaching and I have spent my career leading award-winning teams. I know what it takes to turn it around. Let’s hit #reset and change the trajectory of your business.

Resetability Inc is also helping aspiring authors with our A-list Book Coaching Services. We are committed to ensuring their voices are heard through self-publishing. Our authors benefit from 101 or group coaching instruction. Our 90 Day Self Publishing Course is ideal for first-time publishers or experienced authors. My passion for books came from my childhood. My mother Betty J Johnson was a pioneer in bringing library services to the black community of Sarasota, FL. In doing so she did not forget about home. We had a mini library in our playroom full of every children’s book imaginable. I am proud to say that her passion paid off and now there is a library named in her honor and she is alive to see it. When in Sarasota Please go and visit the Betty J. Johnson North Sarasota Public Library.

Congratulations on the success so far with your latest book titled, Just Dance With Me. What impact do you want this book to have on everyone who reads it?

Carita: Just Dance With Me” is not just a book, it is a movement. We want to heal and restore marriages through the transparency we share about our own marriage. We want to make marriage popular again. In our 24+ years of marriage, we have come to understand that there is a rhythm and flow to longevity in a relationship. Marriage does not have to be miserable, marriage can be so much fun. We want couples to forgive each other and fight for their relationships.

This book is written from two points of view mine and my husband’s about “the hot topics of marriage” We address submission, finances, disciplining kids, separation, when we met, gender roles, and more. Oh, we spill some tea too. It’s definitely a page-turner but all for the purpose of giving real-life situations that other couples can see themselves in. We want them to know that if we can do it so can they.

Leon: Our goal is to have couples see positive images of Black Married Couples. We were saddened to hear that so many marriages fell apart during the pandemic. We actually had the very opposite experience. The pandemic brought us closer together. We talk about this in the book. How Leon was very intentional about creating an oasis for me as I was the only person in my home that left for work everyday. We literally were known for the backyard party. This is where the title was derived. “Just Dance With Me” because we danced a lot during the pandemic but it allowed us intimacy and communication like we never experienced before.

What are your future goals as an author? What steps are you taking to get there?

Carita: My goal is to get our book “Just Dance with Me” onto the New York Times Best Seller’s list. I believe that we should have God size dreams and this is one of mine/ours. Achieving something of this magnitude takes a lot of planning, focus, and intentionality. I also feel that there is no need to re-create the wheel. So I am following the success trail and studying authors who not only made the NY Times list but were able to sustain being on the list for years. I can just imagine the amount of couples and marriages that we will be able to help from a stage that will attract thousands if not millions of readers.

Leon: We would also like to see our book land on the shelves of major retailers. I have always been drawn to the book sections of Target and Walmarts and visualized seeing a book with our names as authors would be a true dream come true. This may not seem like a big deal to some but for us, it would be a huge accomplishment.

What would you like our readers to know about you and the dynamic between you and your husband as you have dedicated your lives to saving and healing marriages?

Carita: My husband and I are high school sweethearts. But what we realized after going through so many trials is that we did not have a lot of examples of healthy marriages around us. We did not see married couples have healthy conflict resolution, go through ups and downs and decide til death do us part. We had a lot of peers who came from single-parent homes. We want to change that dynamic.

Leon: Our goal is to reach more couples. We feel that our stories are relatable and can help the mending process for couples who are in a rocky place. We also want couples to know that prayer is key. Also never go to bed angry. It’s just not worth starting a new day with yesterday’s mess.

What is a super fun fact about yourself that many people are not aware of?

Carita: A super fun fact about Leon is he was the first male college graduate on both sides of his family. A super fun fact about me is that I am a twin. We are fraternal twins but at times we know what the other is thinking or feeling without having a conversation.

What do you hope for yourself in 2023?

Carita: In 2023 Leon and I want to stretch beyond our comfort zones and make a splash in the world. There is a verse in the bible that says One can put 1000 to flight but two can put 10000 to flight. We are the #powercouple to watch. Now we realize that together we can accomplish anything and it is such a good feeling. We have been on two podcasts so far this year but have plans to do a book tour, more podcasts, speaking engagements and more. We are excited about the journey we are on.

What advice would you have for business owners who aspire to write books as well?

Carita: Books bring credibility to you, your brand, and your industry expertise. When you say I’m an author people tend to pay closer attention. When I published my first book #selfie I got the attention of a lot of people that I didn’t think were watching me but they were. My book coaching program is simplistic and doable. No stress, no writer’s block just motivation and inspiration and we get the job done. Let’s do a consultation so that I can show you how easy it is.

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