Interview With Raw and Real Vet Talk Podcast Host, PJ Cowan

Serving 8.5 years in the US Army and then learning how to be a civilian again, PJ Cowan learnt a lot of hard truths. Finding balance in life for many can be difficult, but even more so after the army. He has taught himself that one of the most important things in life is finding a way to love yourself and do what makes you happy.

2023 is looking bright for Pj Cowan. You can train with Pj, hear his voice on Raw and Real Vet Talk. Raw and Real Vet Talk will feature guests from the Entertainment Industry, the Fitness Industry, Divorced Dads, Ex Veterans and many more. Pj is giving others a platform to share their stories as well of difficult times and overcoming them.

Hustle and Soul Magazine obtained an exclusive interview with PJ.

If someone were to ask you who is PJ Cowan, what would your reply be?

PJ: My reply would be that PJ is a one-stop shop meaning a person that can do it all. I think of myself as a special breed.

How did your life journey lead you to the fitness industry, and why has fitness become such a huge part of your life?

PJ: I’ve always been active from playing sports as a kid, (football, basketball, baseball, track & field) to going into the military right out of high school. When I got out of the military, I wanted a career I was passionate about, and health and fitness were top of that list. It led me to be a personal trainer helping change people’s lives

From your expertise, can you share some tips for anyone who is struggling during their current fitness journey?

PJ: Take it one day at a time and build on that for consistency. If you’re someone that knows you can’t do it alone get a trainer or support group of peeps that are on a fitness journey as well.

What are some of your latest projects and what are you working on now?

PJ: I’m currently working on the release of my podcast (Raw & Real Vet Talk) and I’m back in school learning to master a new skill in culinary arts.

How would you define success? What are some of the best qualities that have gotten you to this successful peak in your career?

PJ: I would define success for me as accomplishing everything I’m setting out to do. Especially because I have so much that I want to accomplish. Some of the best qualities that have helped me are putting things on paper, setting goals, being disciplined to staying on track.

How do you balance your career and fatherhood to the best of your ability?

PJ: I’m a father 1st so I have made it to where I can manage my career around being a full-time single father making sure my kids have my time when needed.

How do you manage your mental health, does fitness play a part in it?

PJ: Fitness plays a huge part in managing my mental health. It’s medicine you don’t have to pay for just have to put the work in. The results are life-changing but if you aren’t consistent on all levels, you feel/see the difference in your mental health.

What do you want your legacy to look like?


There are so many people that need attention and need help. I want my legacy to be known for how I showed up. Also known as a role model to some and my journey to have helped others in their journey.

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