Interview With Myrrie Hayes, Founder & Owner, Best Care & Group Home Queens

Hello, Hustle and Soul Magazine readers! It is our distinct pleasure to introduce you to Myrrie Hayes, Founder & Owner, Best Care & Group Home Queens. Best Care Behavioral Homes is an adult group home empire serving clients aged 18–65 primarily those who are designated as Seriously Mentally Ill. Best Care has several homes specializing in treating those with cor-morbid acute medical conditions and co-occurring substance use diagnoses. Best Care’s mission is to provide the best integrated services to individuals in need of a structured residential placement which means not only providing therapeutic housing, but also being the one-stop shop for all behavioral health needs.

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Mental Health is a conversation that everyone needs to be a part of. What sparked your passion to advocate for mental and behavioral health awareness?

Myrrie: My story is pretty public because I tell it in all of my media interviews. It’s a blessing to be able to inspire others with my story continuously. My oldest sister was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Because I am the youngest of fourteen children she was already diagnosed by the time I was born so I grew up with her having episodes my whole life. So, the passion was always there. I had the pleasure of taking care of her the last few months she was alive in my Assisted Living Home and it made me want to ensure everyone living with mental health had a safe place to live so I partnered with my sister and changed my focus from Assisted Living to Behavioral Health.

Congratulations on your published book “How to Become a Millionaire Using Group Homes!” What can we expect from this book and how can our readers obtain it?

Myrrie: Thank you so much for that! My latest venture, the e-book, serves as a comprehensive guide for transforming residential properties into profitable assets that have the potential to generate millions of dollars in revenue! Drawing from my experience in building the immensely successful enterprise, Best Care, I have outlined a series of tried-and-tested strategies that can help readers start, automate, and replicate this business model. By following the proven blueprint, entrepreneurs can effectively scale their group home business, or any other enterprise, and achieve financial prosperity. For those interested in learning more, the book is readily available for purchase online at

As a go-to expert on all things Entrepreneurship, Mental Health Awareness, Best Care, Behavioral Homes, and Group Home Businesses, what do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

Myrrie: As a trusted authority on Entrepreneurship, Mental Health Awareness, Best Care, Behavioral Homes, and Group Home Businesses, I take immense pleasure in fostering meaningful relationships! In this industry, it’s crucial to prioritize building connections with everyone involved, including patients, families, case managers, and social workers. By establishing and maintaining relationships, we can be each other’s advocates, working together to provide exceptional care and support. For me, there’s nothing more fulfilling than being a part of a community that prioritizes relationships and collaborates to achieve success!

After finding major success in the Group Behavioral Home business model hitting multiple 7 figures, you launched Group Home Queens. Tell us about this opportunity. How do you help others succeed in the business? What transformation can others expect from joining your coaching programs?

Myrrie: This journey was never about me making it big or even becoming a millionaire, it was always about changing my family tree. So, when the opportunity presented itself for me to assist others in changing their family trees it was a no brainer. Group Home Queens provides investment opportunities, mentorship, coaching, and consulting to assist anyone with the passion for this work to be successful. You can expect to gain the tools needed to be successful in the residential space no matter what level of care a person is interested in. The goal is to really show anyone that if you’re willing to work hard you can obtain your dream!

What other projects or endeavors are you currently involved with at this time?

Myrrie: Right now I am focused on providing great support to my mentorship community and to continue on my mission to build great relationships! I provide high-ranking caregiver classes, medication training, and billing training. My mentorship and learning community called Group Home Queens, equips members with all the tools and know-how to thrive as business owners!

Viewers will discover insider tips and trade secrets in courses like:

The Group Home Queens Masterclass

Quality Management Manual

Start a Group Home in 90 Days Manuel

Six-Month Skill Development Plan

Emergency Plan

What advice would you have for anyone who is looking to build the best healthcare team for themselves and their loved ones?

Myrrie: If you’re seeking to build the best healthcare team for yourself or a loved one, my top advice would be to prioritize relationships. The right partnerships and connections can make all the difference in this industry, where we’re all interconnected. Additionally, it’s crucial to stay focused on your passion, as the work can be challenging, despite being highly lucrative. Patience is key, as success doesn’t happen overnight. For example, I often share the story of Best Care, where it took us over a year to receive our first paycheck. However, our unwavering passion and commitment to the work allowed us to persevere and build an empire. So, don’t give up, stay committed, and trust that with hard work and dedication, success is within reach!

Follow Myrrie on Instagram @TheMyrrieHayes! You can also check out her website at And feel free to reach out. She’d be happy to support you however she can!

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