Interview With Millennial Income Strategist, Racquel Walters

Racquel Walters has shown the world what it means to have a purpose with your business and brand. She has dedicated her energy to giving a platform to those who empower, inspire and provide talents and services to the masses.

She is a multi-passionate individual who wears many hats. She is a Millennial Income Strategist for Career Professionals helping them to turn their skillsets into income streams. She is the Founder and Creator of The Your Purpose and Business TV Show that currently broadcasts on MY TV-Connecticut,  Podcaster, of the Your Purpose and Business Podcast as well as a 2 X Bestselling Author and Clinical Social Worker at heart. In her spare time, Racquel enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, enjoys traveling, and being out in nature.

Please tell us how you reached this successful point in your career as a media professional.

Racquel: The road to success is never easy and it’s filled with failures, trials, and errors as well as lessons. It’s important for the individual and/or business to define first what success looks like for them as the definition is different for everyone. For me, my path to success has had many pivots but it ultimately made me become the woman I am today and influences how I serve humanity through my projects and businesses.

As a media professional, I had to invest in myself and invest in mentors and coaches that have shortcut my pathway to get me to where I am today in this space. I also pay homage to the women in media, especially minority woman who has opened the door for me to even be a part of this space. Women, no matter their race or background such as Barbara Walters, Oprah Winfrey, Tamron Hall, etc.  I look forward to continued growth in the media space and hope to impact more businesses and lives. The Your Purpose and Business TV Show currently broadcasts every Saturday on MY TV -Connecticut and our success and mission are just beginning! 

What does the Your Purpose and Business brand mean to you?

Racquel: It means that anyone should follow the calling of their life once they have identified their purpose and test out their multi passions and make it their business to do just that! Once you have identified this go out and take action in the world and ensure that what you decide to do brings you joy but also a way in which you can make money and impact!

What type of guests do you have on the TV Show and podcast and what are the vital topics you touch on?

Racquel: The guests on the TV show and podcast are very diverse from entrepreneurs and business owners in Tech, Finance, Business, Wellness, and Entertainment, Authors, Coaches, and Consultants to Career Professionals. We have a seat for everyone as long as they are in business and want to share their services and/or products. In other words, we interview successful people who share unique, impactful stories that we hope to influence the audience whether they’re business owners, transitioning from a 9-5 to starting a business, or working a 9-5. The ultimate goal and takeaway for anyone are to learn how our guests are navigating the working and business world and how anyone can use them as a guide as they share practical tools and nuggets anyone can use in finding and sustaining THEIR passion! Whether our guest is being interviewed on the Your Purpose and Business TV Show or on the Podcast, we believe in connecting the audience with a roadmap and showing proof that they too can go out and design their ideal lives despite challenges and hardships.

What do you enjoy most about being in the media industry?

Racquel: I enjoy connecting and networking with like-minded business owners, entrepreneurs, and career professionals. It gives me as well as my co-hosts an opportunity to learn from every guest and also the possibility of collaborating together on projects that are in alignment with how we want to conduct business and create an impact in the world. 

What are you looking forward to this year?

Racquel: This year I am looking forward to and am excited about the growth of the Your Purpose and Business TV Show along with the podcast as we continue to expand and collaborate with other brands, businesses, and influencers.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Racquel: In my spare time, I love to relax and spend time with my family and friends. I love listening to music and exploring nature. These are the things that fuel me up and allow me to recover from working hard. This is my secret to maintaining resilience and creating harmony in my life.

Who are some people you are inspired by and why?

Racquel: First, I will say that I am inspired every day by my mother. She is a hard worker and has instilled a work ethic in me. I am inspired by how she has navigated challenges and pitfalls in her life and continues to show up as her best self. Outside of my family, I am inspired by Oprah Winfrey and how she has broken the proverbial “glass ceiling” and has paved the way and opened doors for Black females to enter media spaces. I am also inspired by Tamron Hall, how she has made pivots and risen up despite facing challenges and being pushed out of her job at a major network but has found a new space in media by having her own talk show that has won a daytime Emmy for her outstanding informative talk show in 2022. It shows her resilience and how anyone can bounce back from setbacks. There are many people in media and outside of media who continue to inspire me as I continue to learn from and invest in them and my education in this space.

What do you hope for the Your Purpose and Business legacy?

Racquel: That’s a great question. I hope that as we grow the show, I will be able to sustain this legacy by continuing to create a space and provide a platform for entrepreneurs to have an opportunity to showcase their services and products on TV. I hope that this TV show will continue to provide education to its audience and will assist and facilitate leveling the playing field for minority and underserved business owners and will continue to give them a chance to make changes in the marketplace and inspire the next generation and generations to come.

What else would you like our readers to know at this time?

Racquel: We are constantly seeking out new guests to collaborate with and also to be on the Your Purpose and Business TV Show and the Podcast. If you are a brand, entrepreneur, business owner, and /or influencer  and are curious on learning more about how you can partner with us, please reach out to us by sending us an email at using the subject line: Be on TV

We are also seeking out business owners who are a good fit to enroll in our Affiliate Partnership Program for The Your Purpose and Business Brand.

If interested, please also send us an email at  using the subject line: Affiliate Partnership Information and we will follow up with you to discuss.

How can we keep up to date with you on social media?

Racquel: Follow me on Instagram:




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