Interview With Mental Health Advocate Cheston Green

September is National Suicide Prevention Month. We had the honor of interviewing gospel artist and mental health advocate Cheston Green.

Cheston Green is a born-again Christian, praise and worship leader, recording artist, and songwriter. Originally from North Carolina, Cheston Green now calls Baltimore home. Cheston’s charisma and zeal for life make him a magnet for people. He is authentic, genuine, and not afraid to voice his opinions, even when they differ from those of others. His passion for youth has driven him to be a mentor to many. In addition to co-founding Single, Saved, and Social, Cheston has started a movement called #OhMyBrother to create a sanctuary for Christian men to grow and impact our communities through Christ centered living! He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro, North Carolina. Here’s what Cheston had to say about his advocacy as well as his upcoming music. 

September is suicide prevention month. Why is this cause so dear to you?

Cheston: As a preteen, I suffered from suicide ideations and depression as it relates to childhood trauma. I heard a Tupac lyric that changed my life where he expresses considering suicide. It helped me know that I wasn’t alone. I realize that life can be hard and what helped me in the tough times is knowing that wanting life to end isn’t as taboo as one might think. It is important to help others understand that you can live beyond the trauma.

What things do you do to bring awareness to this cause? 

Cheston: I share my story through my music, on stages and via social media. I talk about the challenges I faced and how I overcame through God and music.

What do you feel parents, teachers and other adults can do to help youth with their mental health struggles? 

Cheston: Have hard conversations with children about life and trauma. Check in with your child. Ask them if they’ve ever encountered trauma and let them know you are a safe space for them to share. Tell them that. Adults can forget the power of hearing affirming words from people of influence. Model healthy self talk and show your kids that therapy is cool.

How do you feel you inspire others? 

Cheston: By telling people that I once wanted to end it all but found the love of Jesus and the healing power of music to gain my strength back and to overcome! I sing about the life I lived and confess the life I desire! 

Tell us about your upcoming music. 

Cheston: #Identity takes you on the journey of finding me. Whether through prayer or a party, the messages and vocals on this record are sure to help you see that you can come through it all like me with God’s Identity!

Stay connected with Cheston online: @chestonthegreen

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