Interview With Jasmine Morrison of Lizzo’s “Watch Out For The Big Grrrls” on Amazon Prime

Jasmine Morrison of Lizzo’s “Watch Out For The Big Grrrls” on Amazon Prime, is Executing the Pro Dance Scene! 

She is a NY native and the CEO of Star Legacy Dance Center in NY. Star Legacy Dance Center is a dance company that provides creative and technical classes and puts on productions that give jobs to people and entertainers and offers a safe place for creative performers to chase their dreams!

Growing up in an ambitious household, Jasmine has always been one to go after her dreams. Jasmine is a professional, personal Dance instructor of women and girls of all ages and skill levels; mastering multiple styles of specialized dance. Jasmine is a natural-born leader and overcomer of various obstacles and challenges, which has built her to be the force that she is today. She has a powerful purpose and is on a major mission to empower and uplift women through LIFE and DANCE!

Additional major platforms she has been featured on are the 2022 BET Awards, and BET’s 106&Park.

Congratulations on all of your success! What has it been like working with Lizzo?

Jasmine: Thank you so much! Life is so good, and I’m grateful to be one of God’s favorites. Working with Lizzo was an unforgettable experience. It reminded me to never dim my light, and to stay proud of who I am, even when facing challenges.

As a personal dance instructor, what is your favorite style of dance and why?

Jasmine: Teaching dance is my passion. My favorite style to teach is Commercial Hip Hop. I love the fusion of styles, storytelling, the feeling of intensity, as well as the fun it brings. It’s a staple in the dance industry, and quite popular in music videos. Although Commercial Hip Hop is my favorite to teach, I also teach Ballet and Jazz. When I started my dance company, Star Legacy Dance Center, I taught all these styles myself, and still do.

What is your favorite song to dance to and why?

Jasmine: This is a tough one! It usually changes in each season! Right now, I’m blasting Break My Soul by Beyoncé, but I love all genres of music.

What upcoming projects are you working on?

Jasmine: Since “Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrls” aired, blessings have overflowed! I signed to BLOC Agency of NYC and been working ever since. Some of my newest credits include becoming an instructor for the Everdance App, choreographing for the platform Clubhouse to promote Beyoncé’s new album, “Renaissance”, interviewing with magazines, such as yours, and Sheen Magazine, interviewing on podcasts, performing with Lizzo at the BET Awards, and a few other projects that will soon be announced by the end of the year! On these secret projects, I’ve been blessed to work with celebrity stylists, and even an Academy Award-winning production designer. In addition to this, I’ve been a part of a creative process for a Disney production soon to release in the winter. I’m so grateful to be living my dreams.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Jasmine: When I’m not dancing and when my daughters are with their father, I spend time resting! I love to use my juicer, sip on fresh pressed green juice, take long baths, and get in my bed to watch Netflix. I used to think that resting was a form of laziness, and even felt guilty about it. Being a single mother has its ups and downs, and I’ve grown to love the moments I have to myself. I’ve accepted resting in my routine to practice self-love and unwind.

What else would you like our readers to know about you?

Jasmine: I would like your readers to know that there’s more to me than a storyline you watched. You don’t always have control over of your introduction, and in my case, I’m grateful that your readers have the opportunity to place judgment persuasion-free. Reality TV isn’t always what it seems. Don’t get it twisted, I’m a confident, self-aware woman, but I’m not a troublemaker. The strongest personalities will always be the target, especially when it’s easier to earn respect when you’re fragile.

The best freedom is self-love, and I have plenty of it. I’m a tough woman because of my life experiences. Growing up, I was exposed to domestic violence, sexual abuse, and bullying. I’m the only girl of four, and I’m the only sibling who doesn’t live a blue-collar life. I chose to make my dreams come true once I realized how much peace I have when I’m pursuing them. Also, I don’t play about my faith, and God gave me a vision of a life I want so badly, so I know it’s possible! Feel free to subscribe to my journey and have access to all of my interviews at this link

What do you want the legacy of Star Legacy Dance Center to be?

Jasmine: When I became a mother, my mindset about life instantly changed. I was more eager to create a legacy for my first-born daughter. I wanted something that could be passed down from generation to generation. I always dreamt of having a community center that offered dance training, mentorship, and job opportunities for all, so I came up with a plan to start a company that would favor my plans.

I created Star Legacy Dance Center to fulfill this mission. I had experience helping studio and company owners develop their dance teams. I realized I had a talent for teaching dance, and I wanted to pour into my own cup instead others’. I successfully ran my company for two years with four recitals, employees, and community-involved fundraisers.

The legacy of SLDC is that every person who trains with me becomes the best version of themselves. I’m a passionate leader who believes in God, and who leads with compassion and tough love. Being sensitive may give you sympathy but finding the balance between being kind and tough will earn you respect. In SLDC, I pride myself in nurturing people to find what drives them to move their bodies. I teach technique, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, African, and we compete at local competitions. When you train with me, you’re prepared for the industry. Most of my former students are dancing with your favorite rappers, NBA dance teams, and more. It’s been a pleasure contributing to my community, and I’m going to continue.

I’m so grateful for my mentors, former teachers, and friends who still uplift me. Stay teachable ​and follow your dreams.

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