Interview With James Lindsay, the Founder of Rap Snacks and the Rap Snacks Foundation

The Rap Snacks Foundation or BOSSUP, is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides an enhanced real world experiential entrepreneurship program that teaches young men, women and youth from under-resourced communities financial literacy about how to start profitable businesses, ownership, and investments.

With the foundation’s most recent tech development called StockBossUp App, the mission is to reach HBCUs Alum and their families with this brand new technology to empower more black lives with financial tools to thrive!

Stock Boss Up gives users the chance to see what it’s like to invest in the stock market without using their own money. It’s a free digital stock market simulation where users can track the market in the present as they invest as much as $1 million in simulated funds into publicly traded companies.

Hustle and Soul Magazine obtained an exclusive interview with James Lindsay, the Founder of Rap Snacks and the Rap Snacks Foundation.

Happy Black History Month! What does this time mean for you and how do you celebrate it?

James: In our ecosystem, Black History is, of course, made and celebrated daily. The month of February, however, offers an opportunity for us to remind the rest of a world that often forgets, ignores or marginalizes our contributions to humanity, civilization, science and culture. So we celebrate by reminding them!

One of the major Black History moments we’re celebrating is George Crum — the founder of potato chips, who happens to be a black man. We are celebrating in a major way by featuring the Gold Box variety pack in Sam’s Club.

What has the journey been like for you so far as an entrepreneur?

James: Entrepreneurship has been quite a fulfilling experience. Entrepreneurship is about solving problems. For me that means improving the lives of others and leaving our community and world better than we found it. I am thankful to be able to say that entrepreneurship has made it possible for me to contribute to that end.

Please tell us all about the latest news from the Rap Snacks Foundation that you would like our readers to know about.

James: The Rap Snacks Foundation is launching our Miami-Dade County BossUp Youth Entrepreneurship Boot Camp, in partnership with 5 cities. Our BossUp/BackSpinz music program in Charlotte, NC is teaching young people about entrepreneurship and career pathways associated with Hip Hop/Rap culture; BossUp Innovation Cafe’s at Delaware State University and Lincoln University of Pennsylvania are open for business; and the investment app StockBossUp is poised to offer users more value, more access, and more opportunities to build wealth in the very near future.

What has been the best part about your collaboration and partnership with Master P?

James: Master P understands the value of relationships and the need for these relationships to be leveraged for the advancement, growth and development of the community. He readily uses his platform and icon status within the community to advance the greater good. If not the best, that is, for me, one of the greatest parts about P.

We would love to learn all about the latest tech development, StockBOSSUP App. What can you share with us at this time?

James: The StockBossUp app is a social media platform that demystifies the stock market and global economy for investors of all levels. Understanding the black community represents less than 2% of the equities market, missing out on wealth building opportunities, we developed StockBossUp to address this disparity. You can think of StockBossUp as the intersection between Instagram and Robinhood, but the community consciousness expands collectively, and percentages of proceeds from the platform go to charities chosen by the community.

What else are you currently working on or is in the works?

James: We’re currently working on the expansion of StockBossUp into one of the most useful and competitive financial tools the community has ever had available. Can’t reveal too much at the moment but stay tapped in! We are also launching Digital Dope this summer. Digital Dope is our NFT music platform that enables artists to connect with their fan bases and supporters in more engaging ways through curated experiences and collectible assets.

New products are on the way with some of our most powerful flavors yet. Additionally, we are exploring avenues of how we can continue to promote entrepreneurship.

What is a piece of advice you would have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

James: Never forget that entrepreneurship is about solving problems. Follow the need and you’ll never live an unfulfilled life.

Anything else you’d like to add in or share?

James: Yes. Download StockBossUp app on Google Play for Android, and the Apple Store for iPhone. Follow us on social media: @stockbossup and check out our website at

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