Interview With GenFit Founder, Beverly K. Johnson

GenFit founded by Beverly K. Johnson is a community of women who recognize the need to reclaim their lives and are emotionally ready to do the work with Beverly K. Johnson, a motivational life coach, fitness trainer, and “girlfriend of authority”. At GenFit, its believed that self-care takes priority over caring for others because it is in caring for ourselves that we make the best caregivers. 

“We believe that by helping women rediscover who they are after suffering a loss, she will be empowered to become her ideal self — physically, mentally, and emotionally.”- Beverly K. Johnson

Hustle and Soul Magazine got an exclusive interview with Beverly.

Please give us some insight about your company and the services that you offer? 

Prior to launching my business, I started my fitness career as a dance fitness instructor. After my classes, many of my students would ask me classes about assorted topics pertaining to their wellness journey. They trusted my insight. Those moments motivated to study and become a personal trainer. Genesys Fitness was created in April 2015. Genesys Fitness develops strategies to demolish old habits and embrace a healthy, whole lifestyle. It’s about letting go of the old habits and embracing the new ones. Through coaching, the foundation and a roadmap is created to reclaim your identity through customized coaching, fitness training, and strategies to build sustainable changes.

In what ways has being an entrepreneur changed your life for the better?

 This entrepreneur journey has so many twists and turns! I wouldn’t change a moment of it. Over the years, I’ve definitely seen my confidence grow. I’ve tapped into my creative side and developed new skills. More than anything, I’ve become more patient with myself and learn the importance of self-care.

What impact do you want to make for others through your resources? 

My goal has always been to provide value to my community. In a world where we are inundated with so much information, it’s difficult decipher what’s valid. I want my business to be known as a trusted resource for everyone.

What can you share with us about your 2022 plans professionally and personally? 

Professionally, I’m working on rebranding the business. I’ve been developing online courses and redefining the services that’s being offered. The goal will be to provide services that include mindset, nutrition as well as the fitness component. Those are the keys to sustainable changes. Personally, I’m looking forward to expanding my personal development by continuing to work my coaches and mentors. The goal on both sides is to grow beyond my comfort zone.

What is a lesson you learned from 2021? 

Be prepared to pivot and figure it as you go. With the pandemic in the background, I had to learn how to maintain my business virtually. Through trial and error, I found tools that worked for me. Out of chaos, creativity kicked in.

What else would you like our readers to know about you

I’m a mixture of faith, determination and old school rap music. Beverly is a dreamer who’s learned to push back her fears and go after her dreams. I’ve learned to trust my instincts and take more risks. Never be afraid to take the leap and believe in yourself.

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