Interview With Comedic Social Media Influencer and Sensation, Tony Talks

Introducing Antonio ‘Tony Talks’ Baldwin, one of the most recognized and sought-after comedic influencers on social media. Presently, Tony’s social media reach surpasses: 1.7million on TikTok, 1.66 million on YouTube, 675K on Instagram, and 60K on Twitter.

His video content features wig-wearing characters who are influenced by growing up in a household full of women. Tony’s first video “Clock Out” went viral in 2020, garnering him a whopping 1.66 million subscribers on YouTube.

Hustle and Soul Magazine readers, please enjoy our interview!

Congratulations on building a massive audience across all social media platforms and landing partnership deals with major corporations such as SnapChat, AirBnb, Sprite, Scope, CitiBank, Verizon, and many more! What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

Tony Talks: Thank you! What I enjoy most is being able to look back at these creations and see how crazy my mind works! I enjoy the entire process. It’s something beautiful about being able to have a thought, create it, and watch it back! I’m forever grateful.

What do you feel sets you aside from other comedic influencers?

Tony Talks: Great question! My goal isn’t to be “set aside” from anyone. I think that’s what makes me unique. I’m not focused on anyone or anything. I focus on being a trend rather than copying it; of course, nothing against those who do. This “influencer” game is so competitive and not worth racing in. I believe this mindset is seen and that’s what gravitated my audience to me!

What are you working on as of late?

Tony Talks: Lawd, currently I’m working on my mental and physical health! I’m also looking to create a scripted reality series.

Any exclusive news you can share with Hustle and Soul first?

Tony Talks: I wouldn’t say anything too exclusive, however, I have yet to share that I will be honored with the Social Media Influencer of Excellence Award at the 2023 Black Tie Gala in July!

What are some fun facts about you that many people may not be aware of?

Tony Talks: Here are a lot of cool fun facts about me that are completely random:

-When I was young I auditioned for the Disney Channel show Suite Life on Deck!

-My TV debut was on a reenacted docuseries Fatal Attraction!

-I’ve been posting content across multiple streaming platforms for the past 11 years, however, I’ve gained the majority of my following in the last 3!

-I’m learning how to play the piano as a hobby!

-I am newly addicted to spas!

-I have a new love for musicals!

-I swore I was going to be a pop star growing up!

-I have no clue what the tattoo on my right arm translates to!

-Donatella Versace follows me on Instagram!

What advice would you have for aspiring comedic influencers who are struggling to grow their fan base and get their content seen?

Tony Talks: I would tell them to keep going. It’s so cliche, but that’s what worked and still works for me. I forced the world to see me by posting consistently. I would get 10 views on a video and lose no motivation to post the next one because I knew there was at least one person who had the same sense of humor as me, and where there’s one, there’s two, and where’s there’s two, there’s even more! I also would advise to stay true to you and let your audience find you!

More on Antonio ‘Tony Talks’ Baldwin:

Antonio ‘Tony Talks’ Baldwin is most recognized for his comedic videos, which often take an everyday situation and apply a funny, breaking-the-fourth-wall, over-the-top comedy that is uniquely his style. He cites the TV shows Mad TV and Family Guy as being two of his biggest inspirations for his creative process because of their off-the-wall dry humor. As an actor, Baldwin has always admired Will Smith and Debra Wilson for their comedic timing and versatility to portray a variety of different characters and currently strives to recreate their success in film and television.

Baldwin was formally trained in acting at Words in Motion Studio and film credits include Beast Beast (with Executive Producer Alec Baldwin) and an independent film entitled, We Did a Bad Thing.

It is Baldwin’s hope that his videos will continue to let others escape their own lives and simply live freely through the content!

Follow and connect on Instagram @iamtonytalks

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