International Black Women’s History Month Spotlight: Business Mogul, ArLancia Williams

As we celebrate International Black Women’s History Month, it is our distinct pleasure to introduce you to ArLancia Williams who has made history in the business world as the Owner and Principal Broker of Platinum Trust Realty, a company she built to assist in building generational wealth. ArLancia is also the CEO of Williams Property Group, is a Partner to Signature Title of Crofton, Maryland, owner of Tees Hair Heaven, and is the owner of multiple commercial and residential properties in that specifically cater to lower-income housing opportunities in the Nation’s Capital.

Both Arlancia and her husband are well known in the D.C. area as a business power couple, charging their combined passion in building generational legacy.

Hustle and Soul Magazine readers, please enjoy our interview!

If someone were to ask you who is ArLancia Williams, what would your reply be?

ArLancia: I am a soft-spoken successful multi-business owner that is self-made and self-motivated. I am a wife, a mother of 3, a grandmother of 3, and a caregiver to my mom. I am the principal Broker and Founder of Platinum Trust Realty, where I specialize in Commercial Real Estate, I assist investors in generational wealth building. I love Real Estate and it loves me back. I am the creator of an up-and-coming reality show called “Flip Queen”, I am also the owner of Tees Hair Heaven hair salon. I was raised in the DMV and I come from very humble beginnings as a child. I love networking and meeting entrepreneurs and I enjoy spending time with my family. Although I love helping people, I am a loner and am humbled and appreciative of everything that God has allowed me to accomplish.

As we celebrate International Black Women’s History Month during the month of April, please tell our readers about the history you’ve made as of late through your company.

ArLancia: Platinum Trust Realty is woman-owned and operated. My company specializes in Commercial Real Estate. You can probably count on one hand the number of Black Female owned Commercial Real Estate companies in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. I opened my company in September of 2022 and introduced myself into a space that is dominated by men. Since September 2022 through December 2022, I managed to sell over 18 million dollars in real estate, helping 8 new and seasoned investors acquire multi-unit properties. I was the recipient of the Silver Award, and also I was the only Broker in Prince George’s County and Washington DC to receive Gold Commercial Award. In the last 6 months, I have provided over 60 low-income families with affordable Luxury living.

What do you enjoy most about your line of work and how do you stay motivated to continue?

ArLancia: Being a Real Estate Broker is a dream come true for me. I love encouraging my clients, giving them the support they need and being by their side throughout the entire process, and teaching them along the way, ensuring that they will have the most pleasurable experience. I have been able to ease lots of tension from clients that fear the unknown. I particularly enjoy being my own Boss, leading my team, and watching them flourish. 

I am able to provide and educate my agents. My relationship with my agents is far beyond the surface level, and that’s one of the reasons I decided to open a Boutique Brokerage, I don’t have to follow any Franchise rules, which means we are able to be creative and make adjustments for our client’s best interest. There are many times when my clients may be short of funds and as the owner I am able to assist them.

What does flipping a dream house into reality entail?

ArLancia: Location! Location! Location! Location is everything, this will determine the value of the home, along with the value that can be added to the home. When I speak of adding value I am referring to adding a bedroom or two, adding a bathroom. A total renovation if necessary from everything from the outside to landscaping tree cutting, and the interior. You absolutely must have a great architect, your permits need to be in place, a reliable construction crew, and the proper budget. 

You want to have a schedule for the workers and you don’t want to go over the time frame. There are monthly interest payments that have to be made, and unfortunately, those payments don’t go towards anything but the key to a successful flip is getting in and getting out so that the interest payments don’t eat too much into your profit.

What are some tips for any middle-class family to afford their American dream home?

ArLancia: I would advise them to invest in real estate. Real Estate Investing is the quickest way to earn additional income. While their household income may not be enough to qualify for a Mortgage that they desire, they can place a hefty down payment earned by flipping properties. They can even purchase a home that has the structure they want and remodel or renovate the home to meet their desires.

What else would you like our readers to know about you?

ArLancia: I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but I was determined to get one. I was abandoned at 16 years old by both of my Biological parents. I didn’t have a plan in place. I started doing hair as a way to have lunch money, dinner and clothes day by day. Although I was abused since I was 8 years old by my stepfather, I went from having friends and talking on the phone at night to not trusting anyone and lying to my friends about my living situation. Although I could have dropped out of school I continued and graduated with honors. 

I remember making excuses at my graduation about my parents not being there. I was determined to not let my past or family history of poverty and negative mindsets dictate my future. I never used the words mommy and daddy before, I was never told Nikki I love you by either parent. I always wanted a family, I was determined that my children would use those words and I would tell them I loved them. Me providing for them soothed my wounded heart. I worked very hard to put all three of my daughters through medical college in which they all graduated with honors. 

I have never stopped loving my parents no matter what, I forgave them the moment they left. Until this day I haven’t seen my dad since 2007. I’ve literally seen him maybe 10 times. But I love him the same. My dad was and still is a notorious drug dealer. Many still to this day fear his name. I come from a family of gangsters and drug dealers on my dad’s side and poverty on my mom’s side. Out of this, a Mogul was born. I love my enemies, when I say enemies those that have befriended me and I’ve helped them and then they have turned their backs on me, I still love them but from a distance. 

I know right from wrong. I am motivated by my loneliness, to create films, and reality tv shows, run my hair salon, and my brokerage, and care for my mom. I operate my businesses in a family-oriented style because a part of me has no family. Although my husband is at my beck and call and loves me dearly, he will never understand my feelings. I suffer from anxiety at times, because I know the success of others depends on me. So I have to push through even when I want to bury myself under the covers. I hate losing more than I love winning!

What are some future aspirations you have to empower others through your services, platform, and resources?

ArLancia: I am planning on speaking publicly at different women empowerment events and also hosting my own. I will be helping women that would like to learn about investing and how to get started, showing them how to invest and start their own companies. My story can inspire others. I am the walking proof of the meaning “God’s Not through with you yet”.

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