Inspiration For The Nation: Dr. Kameika Hinson Discusses Coping With Grief During The Holidays

As the President of Chasing Rainbows Grief Coaching Services, Dr. Kameika Hinson plans to change the trajectory of how mental health is viewed in the black and brown community. Dr. Kameika Hinson has a mission of globally changing the stigma that is placed around pregnancy and infant loss but a big part of it is mental health. She grew up thinking that there was something wrong with her if she was mentally exhausted. Dr. Kameika Hinson doesn’t want other people to walk around feeling this way. You must take care of your mental health as well as your physical health.

In addition to being The President of Chasing Rainbows Grief Coaching Services, LLC she started Jeremiah’s Journey to Healing Ministries, a nonprofit organization of which she is the Founder and CEO as a support group in her church but quickly realized that this support group needed to expand beyond the walls of the church. 

Her passion is to teach women who have had pregnancy or infant loss how to cope, heal and flourish through purpose discovery and storytelling.

As President of Chasing Rainbows Grief Coaching Services LLC, we thought it was vital to speak with you today with the purpose of helping others with their grief during the holiday season. How do you first approach a client that you are coaching through this process?

Dr. Kameika Hinson: The holidays can be rough when you’re grieving. I personally had to experience this when I had my miscarriage. So having been through this experience, I encourage my clients to allow themselves to grieve. I have found that so many people suffer in silence because they don’t give themselves permission to grieve. They are so worried about what other people are going to say or think when it’s not the other people’s journey. 

It is ok to not be ok, especially during the holidays. I encourage my clients to turn that negative into a positive and celebrate their loved ones who have transcended. I lost my baby right after Christmas and I do a balloon release every year. I even get my immediate family members to participate to make it more special. So surround yourself with people who support you and allow yourself to grieve.

What has been some feedback from those who have obtained your services as of late?

Dr. Kameika Hinson: I am constantly encouraged to keep doing what I’m doing. The area of grief coaching that I teach is so niche-specific that the people to who I’m called will come to me. I’m able to speak directly to their problems and offer strategies on how to overcome them.

I was also told that they could tell that I speak and teach from my heart. Those are the comments that keep me motivated.

How did the name Chasing Rainbows come about for your company?

Dr. Kameika Hinson: Many may not know it but losing a baby is compared to being in a storm and the baby that lives after losing a baby is considered to be the rainbow baby. I’m currently chasing my rainbow baby and I encourage women to chase their rainbows as well. So I decided to name my company Chasing Rainbows because it just felt right in my spirit.

What is the most unique component of grief coaching that many would expect?

Dr. Kameika Hinson: The most unique component is that the stages of grief are universal in any type of grief, whether it be the loss of a child, parent, job, or spouse. The difference is that there is no timeline on anyone’s grief. Depending upon who or what you’re grieving, you may stay at a certain stage a little longer than the next person. If you lose a job, you may reach the acceptance stage a lot faster as opposed to you losing a child. Grief is a personal and unique experience and no two people will grieve the same. Now some may argue whether there are five or seven stages of grief but the stages are still the same regardless of who or what you’re grieving.

In what ways do you navigate through grief during the holidays?

Dr. Kameika Hinson: I had to change my mindset on how I viewed my loss. My cousin once told me that me losing my baby was my guaranteed ticket to Heaven because God wants me to see my child. It was at that moment that I started being grateful for what I do have. Had I not experienced a miscarriage, I would not be where I am today. My angel baby has caused me to walk in my purpose and he has created a legacy for his future brothers and sisters and for that, I am grateful.

I also purchased myself a puppy and we celebrate the holidays just as a normal family would. Getting a dog was probably the best decision that I ever could have made for myself and my mental well-being. He loves me unconditionally and I can’t imagine the holidays without him.

What valued piece of advice would you have for those who are missing loved ones during the holidays?

Dr. Kameika Hinson: It’s ok to miss your loved ones who have transitioned but I want to challenge you to turn your loss into something positive. Light a candle in remembrance of them. Do a balloon release. Make the holidays special with the ones who are still here while remembering the ones who have passed away.

How can our readers get in touch with you and keep up to date to obtain your services?

Dr. Kameika Hinson: I can be reached by going to You can get a copy of my 8 tips to help you release your grief and grow and all of my contact information will be included.

Connect on Instagram @chasingrainbowsgcs

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