I’ll “Fight For You” Like H.E.R. Taught Me To!

Did you watch the Oscars? If so, you are ahead of me. But typically I always end up watching shows the day after because commercials really aren’t my thing, but that’s neither here nor there. However, I did catch some beautiful experiences via YouTube. I watched the performance of the beautiful and talented artist, H.E.R. First, H.E.R.’s fit gave me life. The way it complimented her body and accented her beautiful complexion had me in awe. I literally paused the video to be able to embrace the fullness of what she was giving us. I was like, “look at that queen, stunting like a queen, dressed like a queen”. I’m not sure if you can tell, but that outfit was everything for me (including what she had on prior to the performance). She understood the assignment! 

Not only did she come to slay in fashion, but your girl slayed in her performance. We don’t see many diverse artists anymore. But what we love about H.E.R is her ability to not only sing, but play instruments AND perform. She gives life to her performances. Every time she delivers. And when I watched the performance for a song that did win an Oscar, I saw the artistry and fell in love even more. And I hope that more artistry like this will emerge (this is not to say that other artists aren’t doing magnificent work). 

So shout out to Gabriella Wilson who reminds us every time she hits the scene that all we will think about is H.E.R.! 

Ashley Gipson

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