How Do You Master Peace In A Chaotic World Where Self Care Isn’t Esteemed? A Conversation With Iyanla Vanzant

If you aren’t aware, the world is still quite shaky, and if you aren’t careful it will affect you mentally. We have seen the mental health of many drastically shrivel. Suicide rates are at an all-time high and depression still goes unnoticed and unchecked. This past summer, I lost a friend I went to school with at the hand of suicide, and when I tell you that I felt so guilty, believe me. But instead of constantly internalizing that feeling it encouraged me to go harder on my self-care journey. So being in the presence of Ms. Iyanla Vanzant during her press conference Wednesday, November 10, was everything needed and more. Her release of the MasterPeace Body Therapy correlates to the grave importance of self-care and not just self-pamper. 

But before I dive into the incomparable Iyanla Vanzant’s words of mastering peace in such a chaotic world, I just want to point out that music is too self-care. Get into it! I was so excited when Jae Blush Beauty shared their self-care playlist with their audience. It truly takes my ‘me day’ to another level. And it’s probably something you can incorporate too, along with the products I’m about to share with you. 

Iyanla Vanzant. That’s the introduction. That’s all we need. The majority of us know her from Iyanla, Fix My Life. And as we should all know, a change in life isn’t necessarily bad. After 8 seasons of the life-changing show, Ms. Iyanla’s focus shifted to something very near and dear to her heart. She gave us all an opportunity to experience luxury in the presence of our own sanctuaries – homes, sorry, homes. Mastering peace in relation to your body is therapeutic itself and that’s what New York Times bestselling author and three-time NAACP award-winning media personality, Iyanla Vanzant diligently shared during the press conference for the release of the new product line; GEMMIA’S MASTERPEACE LUXURY BATH BAR SOAPS. This was created with you in mind whose children (or even yourself) use too much of the liquid soap. 

Now if you’re not aware of who Iyanla Vanzant is outside of her recent endeavors and how a body self-care line correlates to her, let me bring you up to speed for a quick second. From generation to generation, her grandmother, her mother, herself, and her daughter became herbalists. With the blood of Native Americans running in her vein, it wasn’t too far-fetched to study essential oils and herbs and their purposes. This is what she was around. This is what she does. This is what she shares with us all. Before moving forward, I would like to highlight that this is Native American Heritage Month. My mother’s family is part Native American and to see an expression of using herbs for the healing (Ezekiel 47:12 & Rev. 22:2) is quite refreshing. During this month take the time out to respect and honor their culture by becoming enlightened. 

Now, what does a bath bar soap, luxury bath bar soap that is, have to do with mastering peace that prompts a ritual that is consistent self-care? This is what our fav Ms. Iyanla had to say about the matter. 

“It’s more about self-care, and caring for yourself in a much deeper and profound way with something that we all do. We all wash, you know, we wash our clothes, we care about the detergent, we wash our cars, we care about whether it’s brushless, or whether they use brushes, we wash everything, but we just go in the shower mindlessly and slam a soap on our body. And what I want to do is let our daily ritual of cleansing and

clearing become a tool, one of the many tools that we use to master peace; to create more peace in our experience, in our environment. [Each soap] comes with an affirmation on the side. So you can cut that out, you can write it, you can keep it with you. You’re in the shower now affirming. So you turn your water into a treatment, into a self-care ritual, as opposed to just slathering on some soap that you don’t smell throughout the day. Master peace, so that we can master every area of our life.” 

Many people say that affirmations do not work. However, studies have shown that it is quite beneficial. To have a product that cares about your wellbeing that goes out of its way to ensure you have an affirmation to go along with something that we all do (hopefully) speaks to a higher level of soaking in the truth that everything you do is luxury, and everything you do is worth it. And I add, everything that you do should be done with the mindset of loving you. 

“I think that in today’s world, particularly those of us who are studying and contributing to the well-being, whether it’s in media and health care or even just stay-at-home moms, we need luxury. We need to take better care of ourselves, we need to uplevel our self-care. And I’m hoping that MasterPeace will become a mainstay in homes. And that we become more conscious or sensitive to and responsible for what we carry, create, absorb, and exude. [So] for me, it’s not just the product itself. It’s also the teaching that I’m doing.” 

Isn’t she amazing? She went on to speak about the importance of boundaries and what we allow in our souls, our ears, and eye gates because that affects our peace. And to create a ritual where you are practicing self-care consistently even when motivation leaves. You can check GEMMIA’s MASTERPEACE LUXURY BATH BAR SOAPS BY IYANLA (or any of the other products) by visiting here Take your self-care to another level by not only incorporating a product out of obligation but out of acknowledgment that you deserve to experience peace in everything you do.  

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