Honoring International Stress Awareness Day With Dr. Kimberly Mayes

November 1, 2023 marks an important day in the calendar as it is recognized worldwide as International Stress Awareness Day. This significant occasion has been declared by the esteemed International Stress Management Association, shedding light on the pressing issue of stress and its impact on individuals’ mental well-being.

In the field of psychotherapy, one name stands out — Dr. Kim. Renowned for her expertise and unwavering dedication to her clients’ mental health, Dr. Kim has made a profound difference in the lives of many. She is known not only as a skilled psychotherapist but also as a passionate leader who brings clarity and invaluable support to those seeking help.

Dr. Kim’s success lies in her ability to combine her extensive research and deep-rooted passion for supporting the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) community. Recognizing the need for culturally responsive therapeutic practices, she took a bold step forward and established the Essence Wellness Academy.

At this groundbreaking institution, Dr. Kim trains BIPOC clinical providers to implement therapeutic approaches that are tailored to meet the unique needs of their communities. By sharing her knowledge and expertise with fellow professionals, she empowers them to make a lasting impact on their clients’ lives.

The Essence Wellness Academy serves as a beacon of hope for individuals from marginalized communities who often face additional challenges when seeking mental health support. Through Dr. Kim’s visionary leadership, these communities are provided with access to culturally sensitive therapy that acknowledges their experiences and fosters healing.

On this International Stress Awareness Day, let us recognize Dr. Kim’s remarkable contributions in promoting mental well-being within BIPOC communities through her research-driven approach and unwavering commitment to creating positive change in people’s lives. Her dedication serves as an inspiration not only within her profession but also within society at large.

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