Licensed real estate agent Page Turner, who first caught the attention of property aficionados as co-star of the HGTV hit Flip or Flop Nashville, returns home to California to help overwhelmed house flippers in her new series Fix My Flip. Premiering Thursday, March 10, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, the six-episode series will follow Page — who has sold millions in real estate, owned a brokerage that employed up to 40 agents, and executed 110 successful flips — as she meets with struggling flippers to tour mid-flip properties that are in dire, seemingly hopeless financial situations. Page taps into her deep expertise and invests her own money to help the floundering flippers fix everything from blown budgets and mismanaged schedules to uninspired upgrades and lackluster design. Empowered by her impressive track record, Page steps in to fix flips so that everyone can make big profit.

“I’ve been a real estate expert for two decades and I’ve seen the costly mistakes people make,” said Page. “I’m going to invest my time, money, and expertise to show them how to do it right so that they stop losing money.”

In the season opener, Page will come to the rescue of a mother/daughter flipping team in Lake Arrowhead, California, who are hoping for success after making no profit on their first flip. With only about six weeks to finish the project before winter keeps buyers away, the duo needs help fast. After a tour, Page knows the flip is headed for trouble. To max out the small home’s layout, Page suggests undoing several completed improvements, such as removing a newly built wall in the kitchen and relocating the home’s new heating system. Once her vision for the cottage comes to life, the home will have the character and flow that are sure to attract buyers.

“I’m determined to help these flippers succeed,” said Page. “When the home is done right, they will know what it takes to win from here on out.”

Fans excited to see Page in action can catch a glimpse of the real estate extraordinaire as she stars as a guest judge in season two of HGTV’s hit home reno competition series Rock the Block. The show, along with episodes of Page’s first HGTV series, Flip or Flop Nashville, are available to stream on discovery+, the definitive non-fiction, real-life subscription streaming service.

As seen on HGTV’s Fix My Flip, host Page Turner poses for a portrait.

If someone were to ask you who is Page Turner, what would be your reply?

Page: A winner. A woman’s champion. A single mom’s inspiration. I used to think that saying that out loud may seem arrogant or insensitive. But what I have learned is that when I win, everyone attached to me wins. Because I can’t and don’t win alone. It literally takes a committed tribe/family to hold someone’s ladder while they are climbing step by step to build a better life and better opportunities for everyone within reach and I am proud that I am a chosen leader, mom, sister, and friend that can hold these honorable titles.

Congratulations on Fix My Flip series! What are you most excited about?

Page: Thank you so much! Well, the easy answer and a true answer is being back on HGTV again! However, after finishing the filming of Season 1, I can look back and say, wow, I was able to help amazing people that trusted my experience and guidance and got them out of a hole that they were stuck in. I am also able to teach the audience so many real estate tips and tricks that they can hopefully apply in their own real estate journeys.

What do you want audiences to learn by watching the series?

Page: I want the audience to learn that it’s okay to take calculated chances and risks and to live out their real estate dreams, however, if they get into a hole, stop digging! Flippers aren’t islands and it’s okay to ask for help! It is also important to have a mentor, a flipping business plan, and to build a strong, dependable, and trusted team!

What inspired you to enter the real estate industry?

Page: As a single mom with three daughters, I wanted to find a career that would not only provide a great life for us, but would allow me to be “present” with them and all of their activities while growing up. Growing up in Los Angeles, I always loved our beautiful homes (Spanish-styled homes with tiled roofs and vibrant colors), and then professionally I was first exposed to the real estate industry when I worked for Magic Johnson Development (the last 9–5 I worked over 20 years ago!) and we were scouting for areas/land to build Magic Johnson Theatres. It wasn’t until I decided to raise my daughters in Nashville and moved there that I took the step from interest into pursuit of my license and the rest is history!

What are some real estate tips you can share with our readers?

Page: Understand that real estate flipping is a business and not just a side hustle or “game.” Having a business plan and running your flip as a business is the first key to success. Also, find a mentor or someone you can shadow before you jump in without support. Not only will you be able to build a strong and lasting investment business, but you can also find out before you get in a hole if flipping is right for you!

Any other news you would like to share at this time?

Page: Yes! I will be on two more amazing HGTV shows very soon! I will be a guest judge on Rock the Block 3 and also part of an amazing team on the all-new show Home Town Kickstart!

As seen on HGTV’s Fix My Flip, our first time home flippers agree to work with Page Turner to rescue them on their flip.

Fix My Flip is produced by Big Table Media and BLW Productions.


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More Fix My Flip content will be available on HGTV’s digital platforms. Fans are invited to connect at and by following @HGTV and #FixMyFlip on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. In addition, fans can follow Page (@PageTurnerUnlimited) on Instagram. The episodes also will be available on HGTV GO the same day and time as the linear premieres — Thursdays at 9 p.m. beginning March 10.

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