A Night in Wonderland Celebrating Diabetics and Humanitarians for Their Work in the Community

ATLANTA, Ga – On Saturday, November 2, nonprofit organization, Heeling Diabetes, Inc. hosted its 2nd annual charity gala, the Secret Garden Gala in Wonderland. Despite the chilly weather, guests arrived at the Atlanta City Hall Atrium, in their finest black-tie attire, for an evening of diabetes awareness and philanthropy.

As the sounds of jazz music filled the atrium, Atlanta’s health and wellness professionals, enthusiasts and supporters began to arrive. They were greeted with a red-carpet entry and given their table number, as a welcome to Wonderland. Between the open bar and interactive photo booth, the cocktail hour allowed patrons to connect and share in experiences, while creating meaningful memories with a beautiful backdrop of the fountain for photo ops. Dr. Angelica Fugerson, Atlanta’s Chief Health Officer, gave a warm welcome on behalf of the City of Atlanta and Mayor Keisha Lance-Bottoms, and dinner was served. The remarkable menu complimented the evening, and the live entertainment set the tone. 

This year, alongside nine diabetes advocates, four humanitarians were celebrated for their efforts and impact within the community: ‘Heal’ Award Recipient, Dr. Sarepta Isaac, ‘Empower’ Award Recipient, Jovan Paige, ‘Educate’ Award Recipient, Tory Wiley and ‘Life’ Award Recipient, Porcha Henderson. The nonprofit also presented Ms. Evelyn Braxton with the ‘Curing in Heels’ honor, as she shared her story on being diagnosed with Diabetes and spoke about the importance of eating healthy, exercising and more.

Through ticket sales, sponsorships and donations, the Secret Garden Gala grossed nearly $8000, making it Heeling Diabetes, Inc.’s most successful event of the year. The annual kick-off event for National Diabetes Awareness Month was created to benefit the nonprofit and their efforts of helping diabetics live a more comfortable, healthy life, through resources, education and financial assistance with medication they cannot afford.

“It was an honor to be amongst people who take interest in learning more about diabetes,” said Anjellica Sharpe, founder and CEO of Heeling Diabetes, Inc. “I am so excited for the future of Heeling Diabetes and so grateful for the amazing success of the Secret Garden Gala in Wonderland.”

For more information on Heeling Diabetes, Inc. and updates, please visit www.heelingdiabetes.com. (Photo credit: J. Broden Photography)

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Heeling Diabetes, Inc. was founded by Anjellica Sharpe, in October of 2013, with a vision of helping diabetics maintain a healthy and comfortable lifestyle, while a cure is being found. Hearing fellow diabetes advocates express their journey, a fire ignited in Anjellica to help make a difference. The mission is to Heal, Empower and Educate the life of those affected with diabetes. For more information about Heeling Diabetes, Inc., and to stay up to date on resources, events and more, please visit www.heelingdiabetes.com.