Glowing Skin Doesn’t Have to Be a Dream!

Written by Ashley Gipson

Glowing skin doesn’t have to be a dream when you use Ann & Ashley; a vegan-friendly skincare line. We’ve all had those days when our skin looked blah and dull but for this year you can achieve your wildest dreams and turn them into reality. Achieving that glowy skin can be so easily attainable if we get the right products in our regimen. Ashley Perry, owner of Ann & Ashley spoke with me about the importance of health and how it affects your skin. See the interview below. 

Ashley Shaunte  Why is healthy skin important to you?

Ashley Perry Healthy skin is a direct manifestation of how healthy our bodies are. Research shows that underlying gut health issues can manifest on the skin in many ways, from acne to eczema. So taking care of our bodies, minds, health contributes to healthy glowing skin

Ashley Shaunte What prompted you to create a vegan natural skincare line?

Ashley Perry I created Ann & Ashley to help relieve my Mother’s skin condition and after seeing results; I knew I had a niche that could help other women with similar skin issues achieve beautiful glowing skin.

Ashley Shaunte Would you encourage others to be more mindful of the ingredients they put on their skin?

Ashley Perry Absolutely! You truly get what you put in! The saying, “you are what you eat” is very true. Consuming foods high in vitamins and minerals, drinking plenty of water is very beneficial to good skin health.

Ashley Shaunte Many use the reason that vegan and natural products are expensive which is the reason why they do not purchase such items, what do you say in response to that?

Ashley Perry Often brands including Ann & Ashley handcraft their products in small batches with higher concentrations of raw, active ingredients which can mean better formula, better results; longer-lasting product as the amount needed in order to see results is much smaller; and better sourcing practices for plant-derived ingredients for more precision and quality. You get a better, highly effective product worthy of the price.

Ashley Shaunte How quickly can one expect to receive a glow from your products?

Ashley Perry Clients have seen results in as little as two weeks, but every person is different. However, we stand by our product and its efficiency.


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