Glamming The Warrior: A Heartfelt Journey in Celebration of Strength

In the bustling world of HACTAC EVENTS, 2024 promises a tapestry of exciting endeavors, and at the forefront is the exquisite corporate event, “Glamming The Warrior.” In alignment with Cancer Prevention Month, this affair is more than a glamorous gala — it’s a tribute to resilience, an ode to selfless acts, and a celebration of strength. Join us as Denise A. Grant unveils the inspiring narrative behind this event, its purpose, and the profound impact it holds.

Amidst the anticipation, Denise A. Grant shares the essence of “Glamming The Warrior,” an event conceived to honor those battling cancer. The visionaries behind this gala, led by Rochelle R.E. Magno, have seamlessly woven together wellness and glamour to offer individuals a respite from their daily battles, embodying the mantra, “A Day I Didn’t Have To Fight.”

Rochelle R.E. Magno  “Founder of Glamming the Warrior”
Denis A Grant “Founder of Hactac Events”

A lot of amazing things are happening at Hactac Events! We’re thrilled to tell our readers all about it. What can you share with us about the upcoming event in honor of World Cancer Day?

Denise: Yes, a lot is happening. 2024 has some exciting things in store for HACTAC EVENTS that we cannot wait to share. One of which is our Corporate Event “Glamming The Warrior”. With February being Cancer Prevention Month, we are honored this year to be a part of such a special event. We’re also providing our decor services for Gala Night.

Please tell us the event location, date, time, venue, city and how people purchase tickets.

Denise: The event will be held at The Hudson House Wedding Venue on Friday February 9th, 2024 at 7:30pm in Jersey City, NJ. Tickets can be purchased at by visiting this link here which can be copied and pasted into your browser.

How did the Glamming The Warrior Event come about?

Denise: Glamming The Warrior was founded by Rochelle R.E. Magno, a Filipina native, who has become a leader in the Beauty and Cosmetic Industry. A selfless act of being moral support for one of her clients undergoing cancer treatment in 2013 became her mission to restore self confidence and improve the quality of life for those battling cancer. Through wellness and a bit of glam, she gives them “A Day They Didin’t Have To Fight!” The Gala is a celebration that was created to the strength and commitments of the men and women in our communities battling cancer.

We understand a silent auction will take place? What are the details?

Denise: The silent auction is an amazing fundraiser that starts prior to and continues on throughout the event. It is where our service providers provide a service from each of their companies and we auction those to continue to raise funds for our efforts. You will either get to experience what our honorees have experienced first hand or you can give it as a gift to someone who you feel is deserving. Here is our silent auction link:

What other vital information should we know about this inspiring and impactful event?

Denise: Glamming The Warrior is not only the gala. It is a Non Profit Organization with year round efforts and fundraising, the gala is the final piece. There is a “honoree selection process”, a “warrior wellness day” and a “glamming day” that occurs before the gala. Each of these events are possible through the efforts of our service providers and community partner sponsors that come together and give their time and business services to our warriors.

What does this event mean to you and what do you want the attendees to take away from it?

Denise: This event is near and dear to my heart as I do it in honor of my sister. I wish she had something like this during her fight and I’m proud that HACTAC EVENTS can be a part of something so special and watch it continue to grow as I believe this will become something Rochelle & her team will be doing worldwide.

In light of World Cancer Day, what is on your heart to leave our readers with?

Denise: Lead with LOVE. Cancer is a fight and everyday is a battle, together we can make each day “A Day They Didn’t Have To Fight.”

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