Freedom (Sean McLeod’s “a Soundtrack for Harriet Tubman”) [Live]-Review

The album “Freedom” which is Sean McLeod’s Soundtrack for Harriet Tubman is the ultimate tribute to a phenomenal icon such as she. Listening to the album, I felt as if I was having an out-of-body experience. Sean is no stranger to honoring Harriet Tubman. He is the playwright of a 1992 drama “A Moment in History” about the heroin, he adapted, directed, and composed a 1993 musical about Mrs. Tubman, and he is the Executive Producer of both the Harriet Tubman Freedom Music Festival and the
National Harriet Tubman Freedom Awards. 

11 songs in one hour. Each track from the album will either make you dance, smile, think, or you may even shed a tear by being so moved by the masterpiece. After listening to “Weep” I cried for sure. It reminded me of the times of turmoil in the country that I wept, but the song also made me remember how resilient our country is and how people come together for each other in times of uncertainty and crisis, always prevailing.  You can hear every instrument played to perfection and every note Sean sings has meaning. 

“What It Means To Be A Black Man” had me speechless. Sean sings this particular song in a way that pulls us into his world. “Freedom” is an exceptional journey with music. Any individual or entity wanting a Harriet Tubman theme song should contact Sean McLeod right away because “Come On Harriet” is an epic and universal anthem of the human spirit written in the name of Tubman.

Check out the entire album now available on platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify.

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