Founder & Transformation Coach, Jevon Wooden

Jevon Wooden is a compassionate, driven, intelligent, joy-filled, and imperfect man. The impact he wants to make in others’ lives through Live Not Loathe is for them to embrace their imperfections.

Jevon says if life was perfect, we wouldn’t appreciate it, and we’d say it was boring. He wants people to see the power in their uniqueness — to understand that we are not put on this Earth to please others; we are here to make the world better than it was when we came here in our own way.

Jevon also wants everyone who comes across his work to unlock a piece of their power each time they interact with him or his content. He wants them to love themselves and believe that they can manifest whatever dreams have come to their mind. Live Not Loathe is all about helping others put the joy back in their lives through a change in mindset and perception. 85% of people on this planet struggle with low self-esteem at some point in their lives. Jevon Wooden created Live Not Loathe to lower that number drastically.

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What was the journey like for you to get your very first book complete?

Jevon: The journey to complete my first book was easy because I had a coach, Ms. Taurea Vision Avant, help me flesh out the details along the way. She also created a process for writing the book that took away the apprehension I would have if I wrote it independently. It’s so interesting that we have all of the information we need in our minds to help someone else. Still, we are often stifled by imposter syndrome and never get our story out.

Happy Black History Month, in what ways do you celebrate this time of the year?

Jevon: Happy Black History Month! Not much changes, to be honest (lol). To celebrate, I research Black figures who aren’t well known for their contributions to learn more about them. I also read books from Black authors and have become more intentional about supporting black businesses.

Thank you for your service! Please tell us about the day you received the Bronze Star Medal.

Jevon: I always say that the Bronze Star Medal is an award I wish that I never received. I was awarded it for heroic acts in Afghanistan when a suicide bomber detonated on Bagram Airbase, killing soldiers and wounding many civilians. I triaged the injured as they came into the hospital and served on the remains clean-up team and security details.

What are some other moments in your career that you’re extremely proud of?

Jevon: I’m proud of so many moments in my career. I’m proud of the moments when soldiers who served under me were promoted. I’m proud of the college degrees that I’ve obtained. But the moment I am most proud of is when I started my career. None of the accolades and impact would have occurred if I had never bet on myself.

I can recall a moment in 2015 when I came back from my second deployment, and I moved from Virginia to New York City. I didn’t have a job, and I was moving to one of the most expensive cities in the world, but I also believed in everything I was at that moment. I believed that I could manifest whatever I wanted, and I did. The job I landed was my first role in the cybersecurity field. My cybersecurity career funded Live Not Loathe and is the reason why I can pour into others fully now.

What’s a super fun fact about yourself that many aren’t aware of?

Jevon: A super fun fact about me that many aren’t aware of is how much I absolutely love dogs. My dog’s name is Hachi, and I wanted more dogs without having to own them since I travel a lot, so I signed up for Rover just so I could be around dogs more often. I would have like five dogs around me at all times when I was home. I mean, I don’t enjoy the clean-up, but dogs have the best personalities. I see why they say all dogs go to heaven.

What does 2022 look like for you?

Jevon: This year is really about magnifying my message and getting the word out about Live Not Loathe’s mission. I’m currently working on a few more collaboration book projects. One is called Move To Motivate, and that will release sometime in June. It’s available for presale now. I also have a project with Dr. Cheryl Wood and Les Brown called Dare To Rise Above Mediocrity that will be released in June. Those projects will have conferences, so stay tuned for when the tickets become available! I have another project for Mental Health Awareness month coming up in May. We are still working on the details for this one. I also have another solo project coming out about self-perception. As far as coaching, I am creating some self-paced courses that will launch in the next couple of months.

What advice would you have for anyone who would like to become an entrepreneur or author?

Jevon: I would tell them to start with the end and mind and invest in making that end goal a reality. The best thing you can do is get help along the journey from people who have already done what you’re trying to do. My business started taking off when I stopped asking, “How much does it cost?” and started asking, “What’s the investment?” One is rooted in a scarcity mindset, and the other is in abundance. To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be willing to take calculated risks to grow into your vision.

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