Former Miss Universe Haiti Sarodj Bertin Lands 6-Figure Deal With Ultimate Cheveux Hair Care!

You may have heard of Sarodj Bertin, the human rights lawyer, television presenter, goodwill ambassador, former (and first) Miss Universe Haiti, and now one of the ‘hottest; musical artists hailing from the Dominican Republic. Her music and sound are inspired by the mixture of cultures between Haiti and Dominican Republic.

Sarodj radiates women empowerment! The rising star has recently inked a 6 figure deal with the Ultimate Cheveux hair care brand. Hustle and Soul recently connected with Sarodj to get the details of her partnership with Ultimate Cheveux, new music, and more!

Congratulations on becoming the new face of the Ultimate Cheveux©️ hair care brand! How did this come about and what can be expected from the year-long partnership?

SB: A heartfelt thank you. I am honored to be the face of Ultimate Cheveux, working on this campaign has been nothing short of an amazing experience! I am excited and confident that working with the Ultimate Cheveux team for the entire year will be great. We will grow and accomplish the unimaginable together!

What attracted you to the Ultimate Cheveux©️ hair care brand?

SB: Representing a brand that is all natural, affordable, and catering to all hair types is a privilege. I am forever grateful and excited for all that is underway.

Which product from the Ultimate Cheveux©️ hair care brand is your favorite? And why?

SB: I love them all! However, if I have to choose I would say my favorite is the “Texture Lock Serum”.

For Sarodj, what is the ideal hair care routine?

SB: Our hair is the crown we never take off, so we must keep it healthy and shiny! My ideal hair care routine is as follows:

*Brush hair, every day, twice a day.

*Utilize protector spray when applying heat.

*Keep hair masked when washing (10min).

*Massage scalp daily (promotes hair growth).

We would love to learn all about your journey as the first and former Miss Universe: Haiti. What can you share with us?

SB: Growing up, I have always had an affinity for everything related to beauty, cameras, lights, etc. I started modeling as a teenager, and loved it. However, it was simply just a hobby of mine. I was determined to become an attorney, hence I graduated from law school and began practicing immediately after. In 2010, I heard about the contest and thought it to be an opportunity to potentially get back into the world of modeling. It wasn’t after participating in Miss Universe, that I understood that this could be more than just a hobby.

I had an extraordinary experience. For me, knowing that I was representing my country and had the opportunity to talk to the world about my beloved Haïti, was already a prize for me! I can say that definitely the Miss Universe organization and my participation, opened many doors for me. It was the first step towards my artistic career.

As one of the hottest musical artists hailing from the Dominican Republic, what impact do you aspire to make in the music industry?

SB: Every song I release makes me a much better artist. I am in constant evolution and I love that! I am working on doing more fusions in music, not only fusion of sounds, but also language and culture. Music should not be limited by genre or language, one can feel good music under the skin, and that is what I want to do, make sure all my music can be felt under the skin!

Are you currently working on any special project(s) that you can share with Hustle and Soul readers?

SB: Very exciting! I am working on several collaborations musically, for my fans around the world to enjoy! There is a new single releasing soon “El Cora”. It’s beautiful. It’s an amapiano, where I talk about a love interest, a female, who is not open to moving the relationship to a more serious stage. I feel it’s a song that a lot of my followers will identify with.


Ultimate Cheveux© |Haircare brand. The products are natural and affordable ranging from $10.99-$42.99.

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For more information please visit:

Instagram: @ultimatebeautyessentials

Photography: Valentino Caviar

Retoucher: Valeria Gerasimenko

MUA: Damion Gerardo Cuevas

Hairstylist: Ysiana Jimenez

Creative Direction: Damion Gerardo Cuevas

Production: Handz Dirty PR

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