Finding Purpose: The Extraordinary Journey of Sophia A. Strother

Sophia A. Strother’s life can be described as a survivor who is thriving and victorious. Despite a tumultuous childhood, including sexual abuse, and human trafficking, Sophia A. Strother refused to become a statistic. With unwavering determination, she has risen above the challenges and become a beacon of hope and inspiration.

In 2008, Strother founded Empowerment Driven by Knowledge Coalition (EDKC), a nonprofit organization that managed a statewide awareness campaign on sexual abuse, domestic violence and human trafficking titled #GETLOUDGETOUT. Her tireless efforts to raise awareness around domestic violence and sexual abuse led to her being commissioned the “Yellow Rose of Texas Award” in 2016, the highest honor from the Governor bestowed to women with significant contributions to her community. Sophia is the author of two books “Sophia I’m Back” and “Taking My Life Back” 9 Week Study Guide detailing her own journey of survival and helping others to overcome their adversities.

We know our readers will be moved by her inspiring from darkness to light and resilience story.

Who Is Sophia A. Strother?

Sophia is first and foremost an overcomer. She is also an entrepreneur, community advocate, and inspirational speaker. Her goal is to empower others. She does this by engaging with all levels of survivors — the ones who witness the abuse, the ones who are abused, and the ones who are affected by a generation of abuse. She takes it a step further and shares her story and engages with those who have perpetrated abuse, in the hope they will be inspired to change their behaviors. This is the true form of breaking the cycle of abuse. She has spoken to audiences of all ages and in various settings.

Sophia is a doctoral candidate at Liberty University focusing on Public Policy — diving into the intersectionality of race and sexual trauma. She holds an MBA in Marketing and BSBA in Business Management from American International College. She is the CEO of L2E Industries, Trustworthy Consulting and Learning to Exhale Restoration Strategies. She’s certified as a Crisis Intervention Specialist, Mental Health First Aid Responder, and Advocate.

Lost of Innocence

From a young age, Sophia A. Strother faced unimaginable hardships and challenges. She experienced severe abuse, including sexual abuse and human trafficking. Despite these traumatic experiences, Sophia A. Strother never lost sight of her worth and potential. Her resilience and inner strength allowed her to overcome these adversities, empowering her to find her purpose in helping others facing similar struggles.

Community Impact

Sophia A. Strother’s commitment to making a difference extends beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors. She co-founded Meraki Medical Associates, a mobile clinic fighting COVID-19’s impact on Black and Brown communities. Her dedication to addressing health disparities and advocating for marginalized groups showcases her unwavering dedication to improving the lives of those in need. Additionally, Sophia A. Strother serves as a Board Member of Allies Against Slavery and a Facilitator for the Texas Human Trafficking Survivor Leadership Council, leveraging her expertise and lived experiences to create meaningful change.

Sophia has over 15 years of experience in leading grassroots efforts, team leadership, event coordination, fundraising, and promoting domestic violence/sexual awareness campaigns.

Sophia is an ardent community leader with an eye for improving the daily lives of individuals. She provides an atmosphere that allows women and men to ‘catch their breath’ and ‘learn to exhale’ during community events, training or private coaching sessions that are focused on breaking the cycle of domestic violence, sexual assault, and/or unaddressed trauma.

Sophia focuses on strategies and discussion platforms that aid with effective healing practices and collaborations that help break the cycle of abuse. She works very closely with professionals in from various industries to build healthy alliances with thriving survivors and the effective ‘Learning to Exhale’ restoration philosophy that aids with policy, prevention and intervention measures.

Entrepreneurial Success

Sophia A. Strother’s resilience and determination have also propelled her to great success in the entrepreneurial world. She is the founder of L2E Industries, LLC, a premier courier service and one of Amazon’s top contracted delivery service partners. Through her business ventures, Sophia A. Strother has not only achieved personal success but has also contributed to the economic growth of her community.

Learning 2 Exhale Symposium & Retreat

With all that Sophia’s been through, she has been able to rise above it and create a multi-million dollar company and a beautiful life. She is helping others do the same. RSVP here.

In Conclusion

Through Sophia’s advocacy work, entrepreneurial success, and commitment to empowering others, she serves as an inspiration to all. Sophia A. Strother’s story reminds us that no matter the challenges we face, we have the power to find our purpose and effect positive change in the world. Her unwavering spirit and dedication to uplifting others make her a true force to be reckoned with, and her impact will continue to be felt for generations to come.

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