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Super Producer, Manager, Filmmaker, Writer, Director, and Actor Bigg Von Creates a Platform to Empower Aspiring Artists and Small Businesses

Super Producer, Manager, Filmmaker, Writer, Director, and Actor Bigg Von Creates a Platform to Empower Aspiring Artists and Small Businesses

Tammy Reese

During the pandemic Bigg Von and his creative team were hard at work, creating a platform for aspiring artists, social media influencers, and small businesses to level up their businesses. Currently, Bigg Von is filming a range of film and sitcom projects including romance, horror, and comedy. While partnering with a local firm in Detroit, he discovered the need for small businesses to expand their reach and business resources specializing in marketing. Covid19 has affected businesses across the entire world.

Admittedly, it also created the opportunity for an overwhelming number of new businesses to be created. It also prompted business owners to expand their business and marketing efforts by use of social media platforms, such as Tic Tok and Instagram. Like the rest of the world, Bigg Von had time to catch up on a few of his favorite shows, surf social media and even join new social sites, like Clubhouse for instance.

Being an innovator, he saw a need for him to use his expertise to help others accomplish their dreams and goals in the entertainment industry but also to give local businesses the opportunity to market their business and/or play a role in his films. I caught up with Bigg Von to ask him a few questions about his platform Corporate Culture Marketing, upcoming projects, and his influence in the music industry. Here’s what he had to say:

What exactly is Corporate Culture Marketing?

It’s a company I designed to help elevate artists and small businesses collectively. It’s also a platform that offers a range of opportunities for actors, actresses, filming crew, graphic designers, producers, engineers, and songwriters. From aiding an artist in creating dope music to filming and directing their videos. In addition to offering creative services, we offer marketing services to help them take full advantage of their talent.

How do small businesses play a role in your projects?

We designed a sponsorship package scaled for the benefit of local businesses. We select small businesses and entrepreneurs through our partnerships to include them in our series and films. By doing this they gain exposure through our projects, as well as our social media platforms. Thus far we have had the opportunity to include, one of Detroit’s first bartending companies. Dessy & Co, a boutique located in Eastpointe MI. Historic Black Bottom, staycation rental, and air BnB properties and that are just to name a few businesses. We look forward to working with many more as we continue filming.

What are some of the biggest highlights of your Music Career?

It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to succeed in this industry. This game is tricky. I’ve been blessed to see my roses while I’m still breathing being awarded for some of my most talented work. My work has been appreciated by many fans. I appreciate the opportunity to work with the likes of Ice Cube, Kevin Gates, Fetty Wap who all lead to me receiving the recognition that I could have only dreamed of.

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