Fashion Spotlight: BRIC Fashion Brand Creator, Kemdi Anosike

In the world of men’s fashion, we’ve all heard the term ‘Big and Tall’. Meet the man changing that narrative because let’s face it, who wants to be described as BIG? Kemdi Anosike created BRIC. BRIC is not your average menswear. They provide premium essentials for men who don’t fit traditional sizes.

Brand founder, Kemdi is a highly successful real estate broker. As a lifelong aficionado of interior design and architecture and with a deep-set passion for all things New York City, real estate was a natural career path for Kemdi. Fashion seems like such a contrast from real estate, however, as a 6 foot 7 man he had a hard time finding fashionable pieces to fit his body type, which led him to a passion to create this luxury line. We were able to learn more about the inspiration behind the brand directly from Kemdi.

What was the inspiration behind your brand?

Kemdi: Launching BRIC is a very personal journey. As a 6’7 man who has struggled with fit my entire life, it had to be done. I hate the act of shopping because regardless of my height, I did not feel seen. Brands that label themselves as “big and tall” were not marketed towards me. They felt outdated and an afterthought. They were literally BIG AND TALL. But the reality is that there are different shapes of big men and different shapes of tall men but the clothes that were made felt tailored towards one body style “big and tall’. As a tall man who is not big, what happens to me? What about the big guy who is not tall? That was how the journey started.

What makes your business unique?

Kemdi: The apparel industry is very saturated with a lot of brands doing the exact same thing. BRIC is different. We are targeting a sub-niche of a sub-niche. We are starting with one of the most complex products for a man with extended sizing to find the right fit in: sweaters.

Do you believe in work-life balance? If so how do you maintain it?

Kemdi: Yes! I do. I believe in routines. I wake up at 5:30 am on the weekdays, I work out 5–6 times a week, journal, meditate and maintain a balanced diet. I love to connect with the people in my life either by speaking on the phone or hanging in person. I am not much of a texter. I also love to host and cook for my friends. I believe that your community grounds and centers you. That is if you have the right people around you.

Be sure to stay connected to BRIC online: @bricmenswear

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