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#DopeInRealLife is an online apparel store that focuses on empowerment through uplifting messages featured on comfortable clothing and accessories. The collection includes a diverse range of products such as t-shirts and hoodies, all adorned with empowering messages. Each item is meticulously designed to combine style and comfort for everyday wear. The brand’s mission is to instill confidence and positivity in those who wear their pieces. Customers can select from various colors and sizes to match their preferences and style. By merging fashion with empowering messages, #DopeInRealLife encourages customers to celebrate their individuality and express themselves proudly. Explore our exclusive interview with this emerging brand.

Can you share a successful marketing campaign or initiative that significantly impacted your business? I believe that our Everything Dope Letterman Jacket Campaign was a huge success! Not only did they sell our within the first week, but it was the first item released from our luxury line and it got a buzzHow do you prioritize and manage tasks to ensure the smooth operation of your business Lists? I create a task list to ensure that I am accomplishing everything that I need to on a daily basis.What do you look for when hiring new employees to join your team? I look for people who not only understand the vision but also believe in the brand and who are hard workers who have an interest in business.How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance as a business owner? This can be a challenge at times! However, I work out at 4 am 6 days per week, I schedule my social media posts and campaigns to post while I’m on my 9–5, and when I get off I spend time with my son and process orders.What are your long-term goals and vision for the future of your business?My goal is for my business to be on autopilot and accessible in several stores throughout the country.

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