“Everything Goldiie” on Being the Influence Before Influencer

Welcome to “Everything Goldiie,” the epitome of a multi-dimensional entrepreneur who transcends traditional business boundaries. In a world where influence reigns, Goldiie stands out as a trailblazer, crafting a unique space where creativity, quality work, business acumen, and networking converge seamlessly. In this spotlight feature, we delve into the inspiring journey of “Everything Goldiie” and uncover the essence of being an influence before the term “influencer” became mainstream.

Can you tell us about the journey that led you to start your own business?

COVID birthed my business. I realized during that time of isolation how much the internet was very much alive. Though slowed down in the physical world, the internet was a growing industry. I began to create digital products and monetize off the layers of my art. I started to put passion into a business model and move on to creating through that energy and that brought “Everything Goldiie” to the surface.

What sets your business apart from competitors in the industry?

Innovative, Unique, and normally ahead of my time. I don’t compete! I focus on growing through my passion, by doing so the result is normally felt because of its pure intention. No matter the level of business being handled

How do you approach challenges and setbacks in your business?

Keeping positive…..when I experience challenges or setbacks, I sit in appreciation of that time and reflect on times before when this challenge or setback was not yet a part of my journey. I appreciate the progression and acknowledge that this is just a hurdle and doesn’t have to be a permanent change. When you alter your perspective you alter your reality!

What strategies do you use to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty?

Mirroring emotion. I provide the level of service I would want in return. Customer Service has always been the center of my career. Professionally and personally I love to see a happy, satisfied, and loyal customer.

How do you stay current with industry trends and adapt your business accordingly? 

I am a trend!

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