Entrepreneurs With Hustle and Soul: Pia Johnson, Founder of Transformation Counseling Services

We love to highlight entrepreneurs who have both Hustle & Soul! Today we are highlighting someone making a difference in the mental health space.

Pia Johnson is the owner and founder of Transformation Counseling Services as well as a Licensed Master Social Worker with a concentration in clinical social work. She graduated with a BA in Psychology from SUNY Empire State College and an MSW from Hunter College School of Social Work.

Pia brings many years of public service and nonprofit experience from a variety of clinical settings. She has worked with individuals diagnosed with serious and persistent mental illness, substance use disorders, LGBTQ populations, depression, anxiety couples and individuals with chronic medical illness for 20 years. She works from a blended theory’s approach with emphasis on a strength-based and client-focused perspective to provide support and foster healthy therapeutic relationships. Her goal is to empower clients to improve their overall well-being and seek healthier balance in their lives.

What do you define as success?

Pia: Success is a journey of lessons learned and impact made. We define success as helping our clients understand, heal, and transform their lives. We strive to make a positive impact in our clients’ lives and equip them with tools to help navigate life’s challenges.

What’s your best piece of advice for aspiring and new entrepreneurs?

Pia: We believe in doing business with integrity, intention, and heart. We would advise entrepreneurs to always remember your “reason why” and to be consistent in your values and mission. Take the time to think through your business model and examine the problem you want to solve for your target client or customers. Do all things with good intentions and a heart of service and you will be successful. We support aspiring and new entrepreneurs in our practice with our life coach who is trained in career coaching and entrepreneur development coaching.

Who is your business role model? Why?

Pia: My role model was my uncle Frank who owned a hoagie shop in Philadelphia. From a very young age he taught me that as a business owner service to my community was a privilege as well as a responsibility. So when I started Transformation Counseling Services the responsibility of servicing my community was a top priority to me.

Stay connected with Transformation Counseling Services online https://transformcounselingservices.com/staff/pia-c-johnson-lmsw/

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