Entertainment Mogul April Love Discusses Providing Opportunities For Entrepreneurs and Artists 

Meet April Love, a true visionary and trailblazer, who has not only achieved unprecedented success but has also become an inspiration to countless individuals looking to live out their passions and dreams. When she’s not in front of cameras and on microphones, April Love assumes the role of producer and director for film, television, and other original content. The breast cancer survivor champions such causes as breast cancer prevention, female empowerment, and entrepreneurship as well as celebrating the amalgam of positivity.

From humble beginnings, she carved her path in the industry, starting from the ground up and working tirelessly to establish herself as a prominent figure in the entertainment media landscape. Today, as a mogul in her own right, she leads a dynamic empire encompassing film, television, music, and digital media.

April’s journey serves as a beacon of hope and motivation for anyone who aspires to pursue their passion, regardless of their background or circumstances. Her story transcends the entertainment industry, resonating with individuals from all walks of life. She believes that everyone has the power to unlock their potential, and she is passionate about sharing her experiences and insights to empower others on their own paths to success.

Please enjoy our interview. 

Please share some insight on how you gracefully navigated the entertainment industry?

April: I love that–gracefully navigated….well, I don’t know how graceful it was *laughs*. Honestly, I move with intention, and I’ve pretty much done that my whole life. If I feel it, I try to go for it. As a child, I had it drilled in my head–that you obtain stability, acquire a good job, take care of yourself, and don’t take on whimsical things. Had I been able to do what I wanted, I would have been an actress *laughs*. However, that’s not something my family would’ve signed off on. So I was actually on track to be an entertainment attorney because entertainment was always the goal. 

I attended Florida A&M and was at Georgia State, preparing for law school. My program required at least three internships, so I interned first at Sony Music. Instantly, I was in, and I was like, I love it! I loved everything about it and wanted to be a part of it. (Side note: In total, I’ve had about 13 (internships) throughout my life, that’s why I believe that you should try it, see if you like it — -you know, and continue to grow in the area that you feel drawn to.) While at Sony, I made many connections, which landed me another internship where I worked with Flavor Unit, Queen Latifah’s company. From there, it just became a snowball. I met Dallas Austin’s brother and many other people just networking my way around New York. As a result, I was given opportunities to work on significant projects, like Diddy’s birthday party down to the Grammys. So I moved around, building my Rolodex based on my personality and being able to connect with people. 

I think I’m a natural-born public relator, so it made sense that PR was a big part of my adult career — just tapping into people and doing good work allowed my name to spread like wildfire through the industry. I could go into production companies and record labels and eventually launched deep into managing my own clients. I managed PJ Morton for a long time and established photographers like Derick Blanks and many different creatives. I have had the opportunity to work in music, television, film, and digital content, and I recently launched my production company. Now that I am developing and producing my content, it’s all about finding the right people, the people I am congruent with, staying connected with them, doing great work, and letting my work speak for me.

What are some of the most memorable moments of your career so far?

April: Mmm, my God, I’ve had so many! Some of the most memorable moments have probably been working on some of the most remarkable events I’ve ever seen — it just blows my mind! People bring up events, and I’ll say, “Oh, I was there.” You know, working the Grammy’s when Prince was there, working on Diddy’s 30th birthday party, which is going down in history at this point because everybody was there from Donald Trump to Muhammad Ali to Denzel Washington, LeVerne Sherley, The Vaughs, I mean it was incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it. Even when it comes to going to events that I’ve worked on for different celebrities–I must say the highlight is being a part of history. Being there when they launched Bad Boy, being at the Source when (Outkast) said “…the South got something to say”, so yeah, there are many highlights.

What are some of your latest projects and what are you currently working on?

April: I have an event called the Gathering, which I’m doing for the community and the marketplace. The goal was to create a platform for people with small businesses to meet consumers they may not know and provide a space for emerging, positive artists to perform or to speak. We have done that and become a light in the city. It’s an event I would like to grow to festival status.

And then my Pink Awards, which has grown by leaps and bounds, is about bringing attention to the disparities in breast cancer and the lack of early detection and involvement in clinical trials. This awards show addresses the lack of being mindful of our health overall.

Lastly, I’m super excited to work with a new artist from Bermuda, Kaylyn Kastle, and another artist, Raiche, who signed with Atlantic Records. I’m also pleased to work with William Murphy, an incredible gospel artist. It’s a blessing to be actively involved with artists I believe in, who have good hearts and a desire to bring harmony and love to the world. In lieu of all this other stuff we’ve been hearing, those will be some world-changing projects that are coming.

In what ways have you overcome challenges and stayed the course to conquer your goals and dreams?

April: I’ve overcome illnesses, I’ve overcome loss, I’ve overcome failed attempts to launch my business before it launched successfully, and I stayed the course because I’m just a faithful person. I remain very close to God, and I stay very close to my family and friends — -not all my family, because not all your family *laughs* has your best interest. I have a support system that’s out of this world. And I definitely can’t attribute it to anything I’ve done alone. Also, I have come to a place where I take care of myself, trust me, develop my confidence, and believe in myself. So by staying close to family and friends, continuing to be guided by God, keeping the faith, knowing what I want out of life, and taking no shorts — I continue to move forward.

What else have you yet accomplished that you aspire to do so one day on your continued journey to empower others through your career?

April: Well, what I aspire to do is obtain network deals for my content. That’s a big goal of mine because it’s so much trash in television, film, and music. I want to be one of the people creating responsible content and have deals at the major networks where I can be a conduit to put amazing things on air. I want to sell my Pink Awards and start a whole movement on the health and wellness track with Netflix or with BET–whoever–that I can partner with that can make sense and be able to get valuable information to people. I want to be a real documentarian; I want much of my content to be based on real life. I want to be in the documentary space, docu-series space, and I want to run around here and have these deals with HBO and Netflix. And I also want to launch my artist. I want a multi-platinum, grammy winning artist. I have done that, but these artists that I’m working with now–that are developing and emerging — I was there from the beginning, and I want to see it all the way to global success.

What is a fun fact about yourself that many people are not aware of?

April: A fun fact about myself that people may or may not know is that I am diagnosed with ADHD, and it takes a lot for me to tap in with someone. You have to keep me engaged. People have to understand that when I am really communicating with you, engaged by you like I am definitely either inspired by you, I genuinely like you, or I’m making myself focused. It’s a special thing because I can be gone in a second as it relates to a conversation, and to me, that’s hilarious.

What would you like to say to your supporters that have been on this journey with you?

April: All my supporters know that I will continue to pour into them, and I always will. As I go higher, they will go higher. I will continue to share my experiences and keep them close to be a part of it all. I want them to understand that they are a big part of why I am growing the way I have grown and continue to grow. So, to my supporters, I would like to say thank you, I appreciate you, it only gets better from here, and it’s nothing but love. I appreciate it.

What are you most excited about for this year?

April: I am most excited about (Oh my God) so many things. I’m excited about releasing my book, Bloom. I’m also excited about my artist, Raiche — releasing music on Atlantic Records, and Kaelyn Kastle–both releasing new music. They are two different artists, but in the pop space, they are incredible. And I’m journeying with them daily, and I am so excited about what they’re about to bring into the world. Oh, and I’m also excited about the Pink Awards airing in October–just taking off and becoming one of the major awards shows to look for and a huge platform to educate people on health, wellness, and self-care.

What else would you like to share with our readers? Any exclusive news you can share with us first?

April: Well, I would like to share that my podcast, Just Breathe, is on fire. We have some fantastic people in the lineup that we will bring to Spotify, Apple, and iHeart; tap in and tune in with us. I will bring this amazing concept, The Gathering 824, on August 24th to The Loft at Center Stage in Atlanta. It’s a faith-based marketplace, but it’s going to be a fusion of Black Wall Street, unique black businesses, influential keynote speakers, a millionaire conversation, a very, very, very special conversation that’s going to happen. The people there are going to be truly blessed. We will bring that to a bigger platform; it’s also growing–part of my Vanguard Create production portfolio. I am super excited about starting to work with William Murphy, a legend in the gospel community. People have little to no idea all of the facets of who he is as his own brand. So I’m excited to bring him, Raiche, and Kaelyn to the forefront along with all the other amazing clients and projects I’m working on. I’m just super excited about 2023.

What do you want your legacy to look like in the entertainment industry?

April: I want my legacy to be something unique. I want it to be like, “Oh, she was one of the real ones — she had a lot of integrity, she never sold out, she was always there to be a light to others and inspire others, it was not just about self, self gratifications. It was about being a change, being a different kind of person in the entertainment industry”. I say that because the entertainment industry gets a bad rep for just being a bunch of selfish people. However, I’m a God-fearing entertainment mogul whose desire is to build more individuals like me to inspire younger people or people who want to be in this business to go into the company with a different mindset that we can be that change. We don’t have to go with the status quo. We are the difference.

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