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Fuzia – A Platform to Empower Women through Fusion of Cultures and Ideas

27th November 2020: Fuzia, a venture of Open Growth Media, which focuses on building various theme-based media properties that help attract and build diverse and inclusive global talent networks. They seek to uplift communities through the power of the media. 

In-order to create a social impact on a global level, Open Growth Media ventured into a flagship media property called Fuzia, which is an online networking community and a global platform to showcase your talent and skills- be it stories, blogs, poetry, photographs, articles, fashion, art, craft, videos or designs! Along with building one another through creative expression, experiential learning, and mutual support. 

The platform is open to every individual, both men and women who support the cause of women empowerment, feminism, equality and mutual support/upliftment. Fuzia believes in she for she” and “he for she” and also considers in the fact that true ‘Empowerment’ is incomplete without men supporting it. Moreover, they deem that an empowered woman is a happy woman and they support ‘Happiness’ through 6 key elements, which are garnering relationships and friendships, learning and education, engagement and activities, wellness, charity and giving back and financial independence. 

Started as a writing club by an 11-year-old girl, Riya Sinha (Founder), in 2012 and later joined by Shraddha Varma (Co-founder), in 2015, who is now leading the entire global team of 30+ creative minds all with a common goal of creating a positive global impact. Fuzia has emerged to become an online networking community with 50,000+ members and 4 million+ followers on social media. 

With a vision to express yourself and inspire millions, Fuzia is here to help you boost your confidence and showcase your talent to the entire world. Fuzia’s mission is to provide women with empowerment programs, which acknowledges them to present their ideas and talent to the world. Mostly the one’s, whose talents and expressions often remain suppressed and undermined, by giving them the due visibility, support, and appreciation.

Inspired by the words of Maya Angelou, “Each time a woman stands for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” Riya Sinha, Founder of Fuzia stated, “Our definitive aim is to make every individual inspire, educate, learn, grow, empower and uplift through each other. Moreover, our start-up dreamt of making it a daily dose for the world to acknowledge women’s potential as future leaders in every walk of life. We thrive for making fun-damental rights available to women by creating a community that helps young women see their strengths, develop self-confidence, learn from their peers and become independent leaders”. 

Fuzia has been featured by various prestige platforms, such as Riya Sinha (Founder) has been awarded “Iconic Teen Entrepreneur and Innovator” at Women Economic Forum and has also been invited to TED Sonoma County, where she shared her story and called out for women to believe in themselves and achieve their dreams. Moreover, Shraddha Varma (Co-Founder) received the “Young leader creating a better world” award in 2018.

Here is a small tour for you if you want to engage yourself in learning with Fuzia!

Fuzia (www.fuzia.com)/ Fuzia App is like a talent hub that is home to millions of creative minds, where you can experience the ultimate amalgamation of creativity, learning, networking and inspiration driven by mutual support and appreciation.  It is an exclusive Talent Showcase & skill development Platform for individuals globally where one can garner relationships and friendships. 

 Fuzia offers a lot of Skill Development opportunities to let you hone your talents and become a better version of yourself each day through learning and education, engagement and activities. 

a) Live Sessions: they bring to you experts and famous industry figures through the regular live sessions wherein these experts share their knowledge, tips and thought leadership. 

b) Campaigns/Contests: they engage their members by hosting a diverse range of campaigns and contents to uplift their confidence and perform better tasks. It is a way to let them explore their creative niche.

c) Fuzia Fests: is an offline global confluence of diverse artists celebrating creativity, inspiration and learning. It is a unique way of getting individuals coming together who aspire to experience and learn the latest trends on storytelling, branding, design and beyond.

Fuzia Talent is Fuzia’s initiative to allow their talented members get opportunities to earn through suitable work assignments, internships and projects, thereby making them economically empowered too. While we continue doing our bit to empower Future Women Leaders, we also intend to do well for the society by donating 5% of our revenue from projects towards the cause of upliftment and empowerment of women.

Moreover, during the time of Covid’19, the Fuzia family has come together to do their bit for the society by driving awareness campaigns for their members. They have been organizing live sessions with industry experts on various topics. Along with that, they hosted awareness campaigns such as ‘Fuzia Fighters’, where the members design/sketch masks and showcase their talent and further, with each entry they donate masks to the needy. Shraddha Varma, Co-Founder of Fuzia stated, “Through the awareness drive of Fuzia Fighters, we are able to distract the minds of our members and motivate them to stay positive in such a scenario. Additionally, our team is also working on introducing more such initiatives to globally help the society and serve them better”.

Another interesting initiative by Fuzia is Fuzia.org, which is a Social Activism platform to enhance Fuzia’s vision to empower, educate and uplift women globally. It is a platform for local organisations and NGOs working towards causes related to education, women empowerment, upliftment of the unprivileged, women’s health, acid attack victims, rape victims, betterment of the transgender community and a lot more. Their objective is to focus on these issues in-order to unite the community and empower every woman faced with such hurdles through our social activism platform. 

With their unique and much needed social activism platform for empowerment of women, Fuzia wishes to bring about a positive change in society with regards to all women-related issues at grassroots.

Fuzia doesn’t end here! It is an ever-growing platform with millions of dreams all uniting to one sole goal, of women empowerment and driving happiness. Happy be she, who wants to be!

Stephanie Davis, MBA

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