Embri Shop Founder, Briana Greer, is on a mission to let other mompreneurs know that it’s okay to take a step back in order to spring forward. The Arizona native’s business “baby,” EMBRI Shop was established unexpectedly and out of necessity. As Briana surfed the web for a good MacBook case and was unsuccessful, she chose the DIY route.

After posting her beautifully hand-crafted laptop case, she was met with rave reviews from friends and followers alike. This fueled her to start the EMBRI Shop, but soon after, Briana found herself struggling to keep up. Before sourcing a quality manufacturer, she was designing and making every order by hand. At one point, things became too overwhelming and she walked away from the business. In late 2019, Greer discovered the courage to begin again, and even during a pandemic, her business has grown bigger than ever.

Before starting Embri Shop, Briana attended and graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in 2012 with a degree in Merchandise Marketing. Having developed her foundation in the fashion industry, she tried her hand at modeling and her efforts were well-received. After countless auditions, Briana was fortunate to land appearances in national campaigns for major brands such as Converse, Pacsun, and Call of Duty. The most unforgettable and valuable gig was appearing in a national broadcast advertisement for Call of Duty because it taught her that you can really do anything if you allow yourself to stay open to unexpected possibilities. The Call of Duty campaign also featured the late-great NBA superstar, Kobe Bryant, and was a huge success. This trailblazing Black woman entrepreneur has now stepped out from behind the veil and is putting a name to the face behind her company and career.

While Briana’s glamorous tech accessories store continues to expand (and inspire other entrepreneurs to imitate her,) the day-to-day reality is often a far stretch from glitter and rainbows. As the resilient and relentless operator of a six-figure business, her most important job is being a proud mom to her two children, ages six years old and seven months old. Being able to stay at home and raise her kids gives her a strong sense of empowerment and freedom, even if that means having to hide baby-vomit on her shirt while finishing a zoom meeting. Nevertheless, her journey is one of inspiration for any mother juggling children while in pursuit of their side hustle.

Hustle and Soul Magazine got an exclusive interview with Briana Greer.

How does being a Mom impact your Hustle?

Briana Greer: Motherhood fuels my hustle. It’s the reason I hustle. Motherhood has forced me to be stronger and more efficient in every area of my life and I’m so grateful for that. 

What trends are you most excited about this Summer?

Briana Greer: The get out and do things again trend! The past year has been hard on so many people, myself included. I am really excited to just get moving again and connect with people in real life. 

What is something about your business that you think most people aren’t aware of?

Briana Greer: We started out on Etsy, hand-making every single order out of my one-bedroom apartment. People used to leave our house with specks of glitter on them all the time. While a little embarrassing at the time it’s funny to look back on. 

What do you want your legacy to look like?

Briana Greer: Authenticity. I want to live a life that is fully authentic at every stage. As humans we adapt, we change, and I want to lean into that as much as possible so I can live a full life. Money too. I’d love to leave my kids huge lump sums of money and I am working on that but if I can teach them how to live fearlessly and authentically as themselves, I will consider that a life well-lived. 

Keep up-to-date with the Embri Shop by connecting on Instagram @embrishop or please visit www.embrishop.com

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