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Dwayne Morgan Presents “WHEN BROTHERS SPEAK”

Dwayne Morgan Presents “WHEN BROTHERS SPEAK”

Tammy Reese

Dwayne Morgan, two-time National Poetry Slam Champion, author & producer presents the 22nd annual “When Brothers Speak” Spoken Word Concert, Saturday, November 27th, at 8 PM.  Morgan, Canada’s spoken word guru, founded Up From The Roots entertainment to promote the positive artistic contributions of African Canadian and urban influenced artists.  The curator, producer, and host of “When Brothers Speak,” Morgan has put together the best of the best.  The special lineup for this year’s concert features performances by Ontario’s first Poet Laureate, Randell Adjei, Toronto’s Patrick Waters, Hamilton’s Eddie Lartey, and special guest, Obbie West from Las Vegas.  Take time to nourish your mind.

“When Brothers Speak” remains North America’s largest and longest-running showcase of black, male, spoken word artists. Events of the past two years are a reminder of how quickly our lives can change and how important communication is.  For the second year “When Brothers Speak” will be held virtually, offering audiences across the country the opportunity to log into the performances.  The popular concert creates a space for sharing and listening to stories that stay relevant.  We live in a fast-paced world of social media and technology, allowing ourselves quiet time to listen is a source of peace.  “When Brothers Speak” is an opportunity to listen to poetry that wakes emotions and renews energy and there is no one better to present this concert than Dwayne Morgan.  Morgan is a Scarborough Walk of Fame inductee, a recipient of the African Canadian Achievement Award and the Harry Jerome Award. He has performed for Barack Obama, former Governor General of Canada, Michaelle Jean, and shared the stage with many artists including Russell Peters, Alicia Keys, and Drake.   

“This is not your grandparent’s poetry.  Think Hip Hop without the music, with clever wordplay, passion, and energy.”
                                                                                Dwayne Morgan 

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