Dr. Kavica Brown Encourages Individuals To Create A Discipline Of Growth Before The New Year With Digital Conference

Change is inevitable but growth is a choice, friend. Think about it (and this example may be a little extreme but it still holds truth). Have you ever come across a person who responds as if they were a five-year-old (or maybe that’s you)? Could it be because they never mentally grew from that last place in time? So the change that came every year with a new age is inevitable but to grow requires a choice. Grant it, everyone doesn’t receive opportunities that can further the development of themselves. I get it! Somewhere down the line, we all lack something. But whether you feel as if you’re behind in your growth development or right on time, I think you might enjoy this free digital conference happening on October 30th. This conference is tailored for your growth. And guess what! The title is captivating. Want to know what it is? I’m sure you do! It’s the G.R.O.W. Conference. 

*Fireworks. *Fireworks. *Fireworks. 

The best thing about this G.R.O.W. Conference is that it is curated by Mental Health Professional and Author, Dr. Kavica Brown. She understands the importance of implementing practical principles for the development of an individual and what it looks like when we neglect those practices. Understanding that discipline is needed to ensure effective growth, Brown reached out to professionals in different areas to bring their expertise to this conference. From NASM Certified Fitness Trainers to Confidence Coaches, session participants will leave with a greater comprehension of what growth truly is. And here’s a snippet: Individuals will receive principles that they can implement immediately to help them Grasp. Reach. Observe. And Work. for the end goal or vision in mind. 

The virtual conference will be held on October 30, 2021 beginning at 9 am CST. And if you didn’t catch it earlier, this event is free of charge but registration is required. I suggest grabbing your water bottle, coffee (or tea if you’re like me), exercise mat (there’s a fitness trainer and stretch therapist in the building), and whatever you like to take notes on and begin your growth journey. 

You can register here: G.R.O.W. Conference

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