Dr. CaSay Vaughn and Jay Claxton Set To Launch The Franchise Radio Station To Give Opportunities To Upcoming Talents

Hustle and Soul Magazine readers, I got to catch up with my favorite couplepreneurs Dr. Casay Vaughn and Jay Claxton. CaSay Vaughn is an American Media and Business Strategist. In Media, she is known as both the master strategist and super producer. Dubbed the “Media Maven” CaSay has produced both Television and Radio. She has worked with companies such as NBC, TV One, Radio One BET, and SiriusXM where she has left a major blueprint in the industry. CaSay has worked with numerous Celebrities and Athletes and multiple Record Labels. Currently, CaSay serves as Vice President Board of Directors, The Black Media Honors.

Her fiancé Jay Claxton is a powerhouse in the media industry himself. A celebrity DJ with major interviews under his belt including ‪the Late Nipsey Hustle, Pop Smoke, Gucci Mane‬, T.I, Future, Jeezy, ‪Fat Joe‬, ‪Dj Khaled‬, ‪Meek Mill‬, to name a few.

As serial entrepreneurs, and veteran media professionals who are entering their third season of the highly in-demand podcast “Love Business On Lock,” it’s hard to keep up with the power couple who has tons of business endeavors and projects in the works. The latest project being the launch of their brand new Franchise Radio Station which will launch in July. I am excited to share with you all about it.

Tammy Reese: You both are veterans in the media industry and have your own podcast show” Love Business On Lock.” What sparked the idea to launch a radio station?

Jay Claxton: I was already on radio for so many years and I know the ins and outs of radio. I know what commercial radio does well, and I know what they don’t do well. After speaking with Cass and some mutual friend’s in the business, Cass came up with the fact that we should do radio.

I was like, Okay, yeah, let’s do it. We came up with it because we know it’s a void. As far as playing new artists, and as far as giving artists a chance. If an artist has an already popped, commercial radio won’t play him even if the music is good. Our platform will give us an opportunity to support artists who work hard and we really like the music. Artists are just looking for a chance and they don’t get to see that often.

Tammy Reese: Will you both have your hands in hosting, and booking the guests to be on the show, or are you going to put a team in place?

Jay Claxton: There will be a team in place. We’re going to have a morning show, middays, afternoons, and nights. Also, there’ll be specialty shows mixing music along with great personalities. Both funny and smart personalities will be put together for a great recipe and a great platform.

Tammy Reese: I can’t imagine all of the work that goes into building a radio station. Are you learning a lot? Is it stressful at times? How do you balance it all?

Dr. CaSay Vaughn: It’s very stressful. I come from TV and radio so a lot of the business side and the programming side of it I already know. I am however learning new techniques and a new thought process because you always learn something new. I find myself watching and listening to different radio, just so I can make sure that we’re giving what it is that’s needed to give.

Tammy Reese: What impact do you intend to make within Black culture and Black Media?

Dr. CaSay Vaughn: For me, it’s about ownership and taking control. If you think about it, most radio stations with the exception of two, and now ours will be the third one are owned and operated completely by people who don’t look like me. It’s about the opportunity to own something, to grow something, and to build something for my culture.

Jay Claxton: For us, the problem is, it’s somebody else controlling the narrative. They can make anything sound how they want it to sound. They can control all the narratives. From when they raided the Capitol, to what’s going on with AMC stock, or what’s going on with police, and people of color, they control all the narratives.

The plus side with us is that we will give it to you straight and not lean on one side or the other. If we as black people and people of color need to straighten ourselves up, then we will say that we need to straighten ourselves up. If they are messing up, we want to talk about that as well. Usually, in media, it’s only one way and nine times out of 10 it’s to make us look bad. That’s just naturally how it goes. Franchise Radio gives us an opportunity to help change the narrative.

Tammy Reese: The Franchise Group shut the DMV down and had the Franchise Radio launch event during Memorial Day Weekend. How was the event for you?

Jay Claxton: It was really amazing. It was amazing to see people such as yourself, and well-respected folks in the industry at the event. We always keep a positive spin but we almost had to stop beating ourselves up because we couldn’t control the weather. We wanted sunlight, but we had rain. It was still a great event and the right people who were supposed to be there were there.

Shout out to Plush Vodka, Mina’s Cigar Lounge, Courvoisier, Kimo Bentley, Daron Pressley from Black Enterprise, and all the sponsors that had our backs. It was a great time seeing everybody all in the same place showing so much love. As much as we complained about the weather, everyone got to know one another, talk to each other, and exchange numbers. It was just a great vibe. 

Dr. CaSay Vaughn: It was great to see everyone who was there. I haven’t had an opportunity to properly take in the event because it’s like, okay, it’s happened now what’s next? I’m just grateful to everyone that was able to get there to support us.

Tammy Reese: Does any of your children want to follow up footsteps in the industry? 

Dr. CaSay Vaughn: Jay and I don’t have any kids together, but yes to answer the question. I edit, and I shoot. I do it all when it comes to media. My oldest shoots and edits as well. All of these habits she picked up from watching me in the industry. My middle child, not so much. She’s more in the service field. She’s an occupational therapist, for autistic individuals which is her passion. Initially, when she went to college, she wanted to be an entertainment attorney, because of what I did. But now, she’s like, No, I just want to help people. Then I have a 16-year-old son who wants to be an actor. Every time he sees an interview he can tell you every interview that Jay and I have had. He can tell you every interview that his mom has had, he can tell you every time we’ve been on a TV, he can give you the details, which I didn’t know until recently about each one of our YouTubes and our podcast.

I told him that with hard work and dedication you can have whatever you want. That’s really what the span of these 25 years of me being in a business has been. It’s been hard work and dedication. I work until I can’t work any longer. I’ve always been the person that’s a go-getter. So if Tammy calls me and says, I want to be on The Oprah Show, I’m going after it until I can figure out how to get Tammy on The Oprah Show. As much as I love what I do, I’m starting to set boundaries and peace, because I got to feed into me more, you know. 

Tammy Reese: With all the media experiences you both have, what have been some memorable interviews for you Jay?

Jay Claxton: I have had great interviews with some stand-up individuals. Fat Joe, incredible interview, sitting down with 50 in his house which was the old Mike Tyson house up in Connecticut when 50 had a Super Bowl party. I happen to be there before all the guests got there and had the opportunity to be in the presence of a conversation that he was having with the guys that had me there. Having a conversation in the privacy of his home was great for me.

I also had a conversation with Nipsey Hustle and Pop Smoke may they both rest easy. That was such a great vibe. Pop Smoke said in his interview with me that it seemed like he knew me for years. I definitely had some great conversations with some really stand-up guys. 

Tammy Reese: Cass, what have been some memorable media projects you were involved with?

Dr. CaSay Vaughn: Going to any of the BET Awards or the Trumpet Awards that I worked with. Going on tour with Tavis Smiley, my time in the studio with Tracy Braxton, who is a very, very good friend of mine. The work that I did with Karlie Redd, and also the Soul Train Awards with Bell Biv DeVoe was actually epic because that was on my birthday. That year, instead of me leaving right after Soul Train, I stayed until the next day, and some of my industry friends had a party for me in Vegas.

Tammy Reese: What are you most excited about for the launch and what is the exact launch date for the radio station?

Jay Claxton: The first week of July we will launch the radio station. The most exciting thing is being able to help some folks and being in control of the narrative. We’ve worked for a bunch of people before and we have no problem with being coached or being a player on a team, but at this juncture, it’s about owning the team, and it’s about being the GM of our own team.

That’s what I’m happy about in the fact that there’s a possibility that we can find a diamond in the rough, somebody who is an amazing personality or DJ, and didn’t get a shot. By us giving that person an opportunity we play a part in his or her legacy for the rest of their life. That’s the great and fun part.

Dr. CaSay Vaughn: For me, the excitement is a little different. For me, it is the ownership, of course, and being able to own a piece of our culture. But the excitement for me has more to do with us than it does that because I know how talented Jay is. I know that radio, music, and entertainment are just something that is in his soul.

When the thought was even conceived, it was more so because I know we can do this, I know he deserves this, I know that he’s going to give them what they really need. Whatever I have to do to support that narrative or that dream, that’s what I’m going to do. So for me, the excitement is more so for his excitement for being a part of this. 

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